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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Happy world vegan day!

It's November 1st and that can only mean one thing...HAPPY VEGAN DAY! 'throws confetti'
Im sitting writing this with one of my Cinnamon doughnuts with a coffee or a vanilla glaze and a cheeky espresso! YUM
Get my Doughnut recipe here-
Being vegan has opened my eyes towards the way humans treat animals and vice versa.
Veganism is on the rise and i am so happy to be able to contribute to the protection of animals & animal cruelty, as well as creating delicious recipes we can all enjoy with no animals being harmed in the process.

World vegan day was created by the Chair of The Vegan society in 1994. Vegans around the world come together to celebrate the benefits of veganism for human health, animals and the environment

If you've ever wanted to truly help this planet & its inhabitants, now would be a great time to start!!!
I have tons of yummy recipes on my blog, here is the link to my recipes

You can check out the 'Beauty' section on my website to discover some lovely vegan & cruelty-free makeup/beauty brands-


I am really intrigued to know, when and why you became vegan?! 
What have been the good, the benefits and what have you struggled with?!
Leave your messages in the comments below! :) 

'We all dream the same dream about living. 
Lets all live it.
Don't eat animals."

Holly Jade


  1. I've been thinking about going vegan for a little while now so I've been loving your blog lately. A common misconception with going vegan I think is that the food won't be tasty and it's all boring but people like you have proved it's definitely anything but! x

    Always, Alice

    1. Hello, aww thankyou SO much! Vegan food is honestly delicious. Before turning vegan, i used to be one of these people that would say 'how can it be tasty without cream or cheese..." but i am loving eating healthier, experimenting with new and exciting foods! I am so happy you are liking my content as that means alot to me! I work very hard to create recipes everyone will love :) As its world vegan month, what better time to go vegan?!!! If you ever need health advice, or want to ask any questions on going vegan, you can email me- [email protected] xx


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