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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Vegan at Veggie Pret

 I was so happy to hear Pret a manger had made a pop up Veggie Pret, but i am over the moon it's become a permanent store! It's here to stay....yay!!!
I am a huge Pret fan, i love their delicious coffee, wraps, snacks and overall earthy atmosphere, but Veggie Pret is different as all food & snacks are 100% veggie and vegan.
As it states on their website:
"Pret's goal is to encourage meat eaters to try more veggie food by making sure it looks and tastes better."

Veggie Pret offers an amazing amount of vegan food, from sandwiches, wraps, snacks and drinks!

The food is made fresh in-store so everything on the shelf is freshly made and packed full of flavour!

They offer an amazing selection of vegan & veggie food, but unfortunately there isn't much in the way of gluten/wheat-free options which is a real shame!

I am a huge fan of the chana chatt wrap which is an indian-inspired spicy chunky chickpea filling with a dollop of mango compote, coconut yoghurt, sliced red peppers, aromatic coriander and a handful of baby spinach. All wrapped up in an amazing flat bread, it tastes out of this world good! 

Recently i tried the Mexican avocado flat bread as i am a huge avocado fan and this was delicious also! This  flat bread captures some classic Mexican flavours whilst containing refried black beans, avocado, a generous serving of charred corn & black bean salsa, tomatoes and fresh coriander in a Pret tortilla wrap. YUM

Vegan coffee menu
My favourite coffee to order in Veggie Pret has to be their coconut latte which is an organic espresso base with steamed organic coconut milk. A dairy-free take on a true favourite.

They serve hot & cold coffee. All of their drinks can be made vegan:


The Pret vegan selection:

The staff at Veggie Pret are very accommodating and its a lovely place to enjoy some healthy,fresh and guilt-free food!


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Holly Jade


  1. I love the veggie pret so much!! Have you tried the vegan christmas baguette? Its lushhh <3 lovely post! x

    1. So glad you enjoyed this post and yes!!! I picked one up and it was delicious!!!! I'll need to pop back in soon and grab another :) x


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