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Friday, 9 December 2016

Blinc cosmetics (review)

Blinc is a cosmetic company based in the beautiful USA.
They have created cruelty-free, gluten-free & vegan makeup in a whole range of colours for personal choice.
They have even been used by a large range of celebrities including Miley Cyrus (vegan) How awesome is that?!

As it states-
"Blinc is 100% cruelty-free and does not test finished products or ingredients on animals, nor do their suppliers. They're not owned by any other company and their products are not sold in china. They also signed PETA's pledge to be a cruelty-free company."

Blinc is one of the UK's most popular makeup brands offering easy application, lifeproof hold and effortless removal. - Beauty Bay.
Their products are not only made to high quality, but they feel very premium & chic!

As it states on their website-
"Blinc's mission is to provide safe and exceptional beauty products that redefine how they should be made, applied and perform."

I love finding new vegan & cruelty-free beauty products and Blinc cosmetics have an impressive range of products from eye shadow pallets, eye liners, mascaras and eyebrow products.
What i love most about Blinc is that they give you different options so you can choose the right product,colours & shades for you! .
All their products have been specially designed to last without having to keep reapplying.

I have never tried any Blinc products before, and i have to say i am very impressed.
The products arrived very quickly and included:
-Mascara primer 
-Liquid eyeliner 
-Eyebrow mousse
-Eye shadow palette
-Instruction leaflet
-Application & removal details
Each product (excluding the pallette) comes in its own individual metal tube casing to protect and keep the product fresh which is a great idea! It also makes you feel like you are buying something quite special.

Mascara & black lash primer
Macara is my second favourite makeup product, just missed out by lipstick. :)
I have sensitive eyes, which is a pain and it means i have a tendancy to smudge mascara alot.
I was really excited to give the Blinc mascara a go!

I chose the colour 'black' out of a range of colours which include purple & green. 
Blinc cosmetics is smudge proof and can take you throughout the day without re-application, which is a huge bonus!
It applied really easily, separating the lashes well and adding length.
It's not clumpy or thick, but looks natural and is buildable.

I was also very impressed with the black lash primer.
It has a long wand with stiff bristles which separates your lashes making them look long & natural whilst giving you a thin coat ready for mascara! It doesnt smudge or run! I love it :)


Shadow fusion pallet
I am in love with this pallet. The shades are stunning and the pigments are amazing!
The pallet comes with its own duo blend brush.
It contains 10 stunning shades and would suit all skin tones.
I have senstive skin, and it doesn't cause me any reactions like some eye showdows i have tried before.
This pallet also contains 9 benefits! 
Check it out here-
   The blend of ingredients provides a luxurious, smooth & velvity finish which doesnt smudge or fade throught the day. It also contains anti-aging ingredients which help to treat the skin whilst filling in any existing lines. Innovative or what! :)
The packaging feels very high end, is sturdy, and contains a huge mirror. yay :)

I would higly reccomend this pallet. It would make a wonderful Christmas stocking filler too! 


Eyebrow mousse
I really like the look & feel of this product.
It applies really well with great coverage. It's a lovely consistency which is buildable if you have fine eye brows, and it doesnt look clumpy or false. It gives a natural finish which is wonderful!
I chose the colour light brown as i have fair hair, and its a good match. 

This product doesnt smudge or fade, i highly reccomend it!!


Liquid eyeliner pen
I have never seen an eye liner pen so fine on the high street. 
I chose this eyeliner amoungst 4 eyeliners in their collection.

This liner is amazing! It has a 0.01mm brush! Apparently it's the most precise brush in the cosmetic industry, wow!
It doesnt fade, smudge or run and lasts all day.
It applies really easily and allows you to create different looks.


Check out the products i have mentioned, amongst others on Blinc's website:

Blinc cosmetics is also avalible from Beauty Bay:

Discover Blinc on social media:

A big thank you to Blinc for kindly sending me these lovely products to review! 
It has been a pleasure. I honestly couldn't find any cons to the products i reviewed, as i was very impressed with their philosophy and the quality of their products.

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Holly jade


  1. ooh this brand sounds incredible :) I'm always searching for vegan brands that are really good quality- I will have to check these out :) lovely post xx

    1. Their products are stunning! They work wonders & i love the chic packaging!
      Out of everything, i love the shadow palette & mascara! :)


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