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Monday, 30 January 2017

Loving Earth

I am not a huge morning eater. I never feel hungry or feel the urge for a morning meal, especially after just waking up.
Recently i have tried to get into eating more breakfasts. I think making it enjoyable and something to look forward to is key. 
I have been enjoying the Loving Earth 'Nut and Seed cereal'.
This cereal is a blend of delicious cashew & brazil nuts, crunchy coconut chips and a whole load of nutritious seeds including chia, sunflower, flax and pumpkin.
This cereal is a great source of protein, and as i always say; protein is vital on a vegan diet!

As it states on their website-
"Activation starts the sprouting process, removing the enzyme inhibitors and making the nutrients available to nourish your body. The final step is to dehydrate the buckwheat, nuts and seeds at a low temperature. This preserves the vital nutrients and gives our Buckinis their crispy texture. And why do we do all this? The answer is simple – so that when you wake up to Buckinis, you’ll feel great on the inside and activated to start your day."

To make my yummy breakfast (in the photo above), add a dash of almond milk and some juicy blueberries along with some Loving earth RAW caramel chocolate which is delicious!!! It doesn't only taste amazing, but is totally instagram worthy!

This cereal can be enjoyed cold or warm, sprinkled over some yummy dairy-free yogurt or ice-cream....the choice is yours. Thats what i love about it.

Loving Earth products are 100% vegan, gluten-free and fair trade 

I highly recommend Loving Earth products. Their chocolates are creamy & tasty, perfect to bake with!
Get my Avocado truffles ft Loving Earth chocolate recipe here.


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