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Sunday, 8 January 2017

My day at Vegan Life Live in London

I felt very lucky to be gifted some tickets to Vegan Life Live in London by a great company called Good.full stop.
This is the first time i have been to a vegan show/event. I am a fan of the Vegan Life magazine, and i was really excited to see how Vegan Life organised the event and what companies were going to be featured!
I was also really excited as i have always wanted to go but never visited Alexandra Palace before. 
When we arrived we queued to collect some freebies, which included a jar of pesto which i love, some sweet treats and nibbles, teabags, and some syrup from Sweet Freedom... I love getting freebies :P

This was such a great and attractive venue to hold this event, although i hope next year they will hold another Vegan Life Live and expand to a larger venue, as it was very busy and i am sure more companies would really benefit by featuring their products.
It was easy to get to and there was plenty of parking, which was free so that was great.

There were a lot of companies i have featured on my website and also heard of, but haven't worked with. I met some lovely people behind Vita Coco, Veggie Pets, Good.full stop, Plamil, Mr Organic, Arbonne, Loving Earth, Aduna, Pacifica, Veganuary, Cats Protection plus many more wonderful companies. 
I love great tasting, homemade vegan food, and i was able to pick up some lovely sweet treats and yummy cooked food. 
I enjoyed a indian, potato, pea and carrot burger with indian spiced potatoes by The Indian Lunch Box. This street food company is based in Birmingham, i highly recommend checking them out! YUM
My dad enjoyed a selection of caribbean food from Love Gift Vegan. He isn't vegan, but thoroughly enjoyed the food they had on offer and wouldn't stop talking about their 'meat treats' :P Love Gift Vegan are based in South East London and again are worth checking out.
My sister picked up a 'Haloumi and tsasikki flatbread. It looked and smelt amazing. She loved it, but said that she would have preferred my burger,I must admit it was very tasty. 
Vegan Life Live is family orientated and is a great place if you love food and discovering new Vegan products & companies.

There was also the opportunity to watch cookery demonstrations throughout the day, listen to a talk on nutrition and diet, and other talks about factory farming and becoming vegan; it's really interesting :)
I was so impressed with how the event was organised. I didn't have the time to visit all the talks and demonstrations and would have liked to have attended the two days, but unfortunately i wasn't able to.
Overall i was really impressed with the variation of vegan products and freshly cooked and prepared foods on offer. They were all drool worthy! The only negative i would say is that the event and venue could do with being bigger. I really hope that this will be an annual event and expands more next year. I will definitely be visiting again, yay :)
I met some lovely people who talked to me about their products and companies and i hope to work with them in the near future in order to bring them to you guys. :)

If there are any companies from the Vegan Life Live who would like to make contact with me and reach out to my readers, Email me at the address below:
[email protected] or on social media (all links are in the side bar & top of my website)

To read more about Vegan Life Live, check out their website:


i want to say thankyou to to Vegan Life Live & Good full stop for inviting me to this event and also for meeting so many wonderful and inspirational people! 

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