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Monday, 20 February 2017


I wanted to talk about a company i recently came across and found very fascinating.
As a vegan i am very aware of my dietary requirements and am constantly thinking about recipes that ensure i get enough minerals, vitamins and protein that i need.

I was quite unwell for a time before i became vegan and due to having tests done found out that i had several intolerances and was very low in vitamin d and protein. Knowing this made a difference to my health as i could take supplements and alter my diet to help my health and well-being :)

Unfortunately traditional methods of medicine cannot always give the results you are looking for. 
This is where iamYiam comes in.
People are more interested in getting healthier these days and want to take control of their health which is amazing! You may be unaware that you might be sensitive to something or are doing an activity that is detrimental to your health. Your lifestyle can affect your health in a positive or negative way. Having a DNA test done can help to prevent you becoming ill as it will show any potential problems early on. So the idea would be to address these issues/intolerance's so that you maintain optimum health.
iamYiam state 'they offer a simple, clear and effective way to achieve your health potential'.
It is obvious that this company is very passionate about preventative health, and are committed to providing reliable data and actionable information for you.
The idea behind the service is that your DNA which is a molecule that carries genetic information is analysed through your saliva.
You DNA can tell alot about yourself and what your health is like, what you may be sensitive to, what your fitness level is, and all about your nutrition, for example if you have any sensitivities to certain foods like lactose, gluten for example. It's amazing!

The procedure is very quick and simple. Your order a DNA kit from, add a few drops of saliva to a pot in the kit, and then send it back to be analysed by a laboratory. That's it!!!
A few weeks later, they contact you with an activity and nutritional plan depending on the results of the DNA test. How amazing is that?!!!
I like the idea that the company offer advice from their many varied professionals, and that the service is scientifically tested. iamYiam analysed 170,000 research papers to come up with their results of therapy/treatment that work best for different people/problems. I also like the wellbeing questionnaire, which is free & anyone can access this, so a great bonus.  
At the end of completing it you have a system of charts and recommendations personal to you.
iamYiam's website offers a lot of nutritional information, supplements and loads of excellent articles about health issues. Really worthwhile checking out. 

The company has been featured in the Financial Times, Marie Claire, Forbes, Grazia and more.

The cost of the kit and analysis is £189 online now. (It was £387)
Depending on how you want to proceed following on from the analysis you can contact the advisors for help. The costing is all on their website.

This is a great service to use to help with taking control of your health and wellbeing.

Check out iamyiam website-

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