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Thursday, 9 February 2017

SKYN Iceland | Review

Hello everyone.
I want to introduce you to a company i have been loving recently.

SKYN Iceland specialise in cruelty-free & vegan skincare products.
All products are:
-Parabens free
-Natural ingredients
-Chemical free
Check out their full list here.

Read the SKYN story:

Their products target damaged and stressed skin, leaving your skin plump, flawless and glowing.
They have ranges especially for dry skin, oily skin, irritated/red skin, acne prone skin... you will find the perfect product for you.


There is a massive hype about getting bigger lips, but why not go bigger more naturally?
SKYN have just released some amazing lip plumper gels.
Boasting a powerhouse of highly-advanced plant and marine-based actives, plus a state-of-the-art, transdermal delivery system, the convenient gel patch stays put, allowing ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. 
I have small lips and really enjoyed trying these out. They do look funny whilst on but bare with it, it's only a 10 minute process!
 They leave your lips feeling restored and so soft. I can't explain how soft my lips were after removing the gel, they were ultra silky.

After trying out these products, they didn't plump my lips as much as i thought they would, but for a quick plump, they are great.
They come in individual packages, perfect to pop in your handbag or travel bag for a quick lip treatment. I really enjoyed them!


I was on the look out for a vegan & cruelty-free eye cream. I have used the 'Under Eye Illuminator' a number of times to give it a go and i can say, i am really impressed.
I have dark eyes from all of the late nights catching up on Netflix so this product has become my best friend.
It's a feather light, brightening serum which recharges stressed/dull skin while restoring radiance to eyes.
After a few days, i noticed the skin around my eyes is softer and a lot healthier looking. 
I like that it glides on the skin with a metal tip without any tugging, so its perfect for refreshing in the morning.
The only downside i have discovered with it, if you apply too much it leaves a dry layer of product under your eyes, but other than that... i love it and i highly recommend it!


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Holly Jade

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