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Friday, 10 March 2017

Kookie cat | review

Have you ever wanted a tasty cookie which wasn't packed full of unhealthy fats & artificial sugars. Kookie cat is PUR-fect for you! 
I came across Kookie cat in Selfridges in the food hall. They were in the middle of the isle and the adorable cat packaging caught my eye, i love cats!
Kookie cat makes vegan & organic cashew nut & oat cookies in an array of delicious flavours:
Chia & lemon
Vanilla choc chip
Cacao nib & walnut
Pineapple & orange
Hemp & cacao
As it states on their website
"Handcrafted oatmeal & cashew cookies that are vegan, gluten-free and have a low glycemic index? Yes! Kookie Cat transforms the cookie experience with a soft, chewy and mild sweet flavour. And the not-so-secret ingredient of love makes the final result purr-fectly delicious."

What i think of the cookies, they are:
 Protein packed
Very moorish
Not dry, not moist...just puuuur-fect

My favourites are the orange & pineapple and vanilla choc chip. 
The pineapple cookie has a tropical hint with a citrus kick. So so good!

The vanilla choc chip is lovely. It has a coconut & vanilla flavour with drops of chocolate....what's more to like.

I won't hesitate to throw these in my basket :) If your're ever in or near Selfridges, pop in, pick them up, you won't regret it!!!Get your fix of organic kookies here


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