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Sunday, 5 March 2017

My haircare must haves | OGX bamboo collection

Flat hair is my nemesis. As i have very long hair, i struggle to get any volume.
I was kindly send these few beauties from Jessica over at OGX to try out!

I always want to give you guys my honest opinions to products as i would want to know the truth myself if i was a reader.

Even though OGX are not a fully vegan company, they sell Vegan products which contain NO Animal Ingredients and are NOT tested on Animals! Yay!!!

They have products specific to your hair type wether it be dry, oily, Thin, thick...OGX have you covered.
Plus their packaging is 100% Eco-friendly
Read more about OGX on my previous blog post talking about the vitamin b5 collection:

I am in LOVE with the Bamboo collection, the conditioner & booster in particular. The bamboo products contain soy protein and a blend of bamboo fibers and are 100% vegan

The shampoo smells divine and adds volume at your roots whilst being cleansing and the conditioner is the perfect hydrating cream. It also leaves hair feeling & looking thicker and fuller which is a life saver!
I am obsessed with the thickening booster. The first time i used it i saw results, especially at my roots. My mum even commented on my hair looking fuller! :)
You just spritz the product near your roots on wet hair and massage in. It adds volume and body from the bottom to the top giving you big and touchable hair!

I also wanted to add, i won OGX's great hair award and i got my own engraved oscar! How cool is this! :D
I am really proud of my hair and work hard to keep it in healthy condition, especially as its past waist length which is a nightmare, but i love it! :D
I would honestly recommend these products to your guys! If you have tried them, let me know what you think in the comments!

You can find all of the products i have mentioned on OGX's website-

Ogx products are available at these following retailers-

Discover ogx-

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