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Monday, 27 March 2017

Pixi by Petra's New Mists

Spring has finally arrived and the weather is finally getting warmer.
I love finding beauty products which are cooling on my skin.

Pixi by Petra is a skincare & makeup brand, who make a lot of beautiful vegan products. They also do NOT test on animals! Yay :)

Pixi by Petra have brought out 4 facial mists.
Glow Mist
Milky Mist
Wake-up Mist
Makeup fixing Mist

I've not really tested any other setting spray apart from the Urban Decay All Nighter, so i was very excited to hear of Pixi's fixing mist.
I've tried out the spray under certain conditions and it works amazingly. 
This Mist has rose water and green tea inside and is really refreshing.
When i first spray it on my face I'm left with a lovely light scent which lasts a few minutes.
It works particularly well to set makeup when it's a hot day. Nobody likes it when makeup melts off your face half way through the day (we've all had those days haven't we!?) So i find a setting spray prolongs the amount of time it takes before my makeup decides to move.
The packaging is cute, and the bottle size is small enough to fit in most handbags and travel cases.

By far my most favourite smelling spray is the Vitamin wake up mist
It's infused with orange blossom and citrus extracts, and If I could bottle my perfect smell, then this is IT!
It literally just smells like freshly peeled oranges, orange squash, orange zest.... you get the idea!
The smell is very revitalising for the morning and works very well as a toner before moisturiser application.
It can also be used through the day if your skin needs a quick refreshing and energising boost.

My most aesthetically pleasing packaged product is the hydrating milky mist.
 I was unsure as to whether this was vegan, but after doing some digging I've discovered it's on the Pixi list of vegan approved products - Thank goodness! 

It's a lightweight spray-on moisturiser which helps boost skin firmness. It mentions on the packaging that it's 'youth preserving', so more tailored to older skin. 
However, if you have particularly dry skin then this will certainly give it a great moisture injection. Plus it's just super easy to spray on whenever my skin's feeling a bit exhausted!

Last of all is the Glow mist which looks caught my eye as it has a layer of natural oils sitting on top of the liquid mist. It looks amazing in photos!
This glow mist instantly refreshes your skin and helps with redness and irritations while replenishing moisture post-cleansing. 
This makes my skin feel so smooth and fresh. All you do its spritz over skin before makeup.  Also spray out and about as it creates a protective veil against pollutants. How amazing is that!
Did you know, you can also use this on your hair?!!! Yes, it's a 2 in 1 product. Who doesn't like those?!
It can be used on dry or split ends for instant smoothing and de-frizz. I have been loving this spray and couldn't recommend it enough to you guys.

All of these mists are £16.00 a bottle which i think is reasonable because they are long lasting and work like a dream!

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  1. These mists look absolutely gorgeous! Need to pick 1 or 2 up sometime. Great post!

    Ciara x

    1. Hey Ciara, They are aren't they! I LOVE them!! Aww thankyou so much sweetie, Have you tried any of them yet?? :


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