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Thursday, 16 March 2017

PRESS London drinks

The start of a new year calls for healthy teas and juices. 
March is the time i normally come down with a cold, and guess what....i'm writing this from my bed surrounded with tissues (yes, I have a cold)

I highly recommend juices, especially green juices which are packed full of protein, antioxidants, goodness and yummy flavour!

I recently came across Press London in Selfridges, London and was fascinated with their Charcoal Lemonade.
Press London create cold-pressed, raw and unpasteurized juices and healthy foods for people in London and around the UK.

They are also 100% vegan. Yay! 

As it states on their website
"We invest our time, energy and knowledge to create products, provide services and develop relationships that deliver enjoyable, positive, tangible change to people’s lives"

I got my hands on two of their juices, a nut milk and detox Lemonade.
I love the hipster/Tumblr-esque packaging! 

If you are like me and love smoothies, you will LOVE the 03 Vanilla Leche.
It's flavoured with vanilla, naturally sweetened with dates and is silky due to the cashew nuts...I'm already obsessed. Perfect as a healthy & creamy dairy-free milk alternative.
Also they have an Espresso Leche which i NEED to get my hands on! It looks and sounds utterly delicious! 

There is also this charcoal lemonade, which is actually black! It's a still drink and tastes natural but really refreshing! I think it looks really cool too! 

Juices are amazing for detoxing and balancing the body. 
It's a great way to get a good dose of your daily portion of greens and antioxidants.

Take a read of the different flavours Press have (they all sound divine)

They also have a range of soups which taste delicious!
These soups are packed full of goodness & nutritious ingredients, perfect for a lunch.
They all have different properties eg- weight loss soups, detox soups and anti-inflammatory....
I won't hesitate picking more of these up :) If you're ever in or near Selfridges, pop in, pick them up, you won't regret it!!!

Check out Press'es fresh website, i love it!

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