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Monday, 13 March 2017

Food blogging tips

I have wanted to write this post for a long time.
Recently, i have had a few questions regarding what i use to take my photographs and how to start a blog, so i have listed my top 20 tips for food bloggers/bloggers in general.

What I use:
Camera- Canon 760D 
Lenses- Canom 25mm (pancake)
Lighting- Natural
Editing software- Photoshop
Website layout- Pipdig

My top 20 tips for food bloggers, what you NEED to know!

1. Invest in a good camera
Quality is key. Make sure you buy a camera to suit your photography. 

2. Use natural lighting.
If you can, natural lighting is a must as it showcases the food in an organic way.

3. Food styling
Making food look appetising is crucial! Research how to take food photographs, but be unique and create your own style.

4. Be authentic 
Having original content and photography is important! It doesn't only show off your creativity but your skills. 

5.  Editing sites
Invest in good software's like Photoshop or other recommended editing sites 

6. Experimenting
Have fun testing out what flavours compliment each other and create some unique recipes

7. Don't give up
Blogging takes time. There are thousands of food bloggers out there, but keep going. One recipe or post could give you the exposure you are after.

8. Be unique and creative with your ideas
This will make your blog more appealing and stand out among others.

9. Use SEO
Seo (Search Engine Optimisation) is important for getting your recipes & photos out into the world!
Read this amazing beginners guide to SEO! >> <<

10. Submit recipes to online sites
Post to sites like: Food Gawker, Taste spotting, All Recipes, Foodista. They are great for showcasing your recipes and getting exposure to a larger audience. 

11. Don't forget Pinterest
Pinterest can call in a huge amount of page views & readers to your blog. 

12. Make yourself accessible online
Don't forget to use sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In.
Being easy to find on social media means you can gain a blog following.

13. Submit recipes to magazines
I have started doing this myself and am now in some amazing magazines such as Vegan Food & living, Vegan Life, BBC Easy Cook, BBC Good Food.
This is done by messaging the editors with your recipes & photographs, fingers cross you'll be picked & featured. 

14. Engage with your followers
I am on my website & social media 24/7. 
Make sure your followers don't forget about you. If your passionate about your blog & work, it will eventually draw people in. 

15. Keep up to date with food trends
Instagram & Pinterest give me so much inspiration and keeps me up to date with what's popular in the food world!
Say there is a hype about pink doughnuts, make your very own unique pink doughnut recipe etc.

16. Never steal recipes or ideas.
Taking credit for another person's work is not cool. Be unique and innovative.

17. Keep your blog clean and easy to navigate around.
I highly recommend investing in a website template. You can find some amazing ones on Pipdig!!!!

18. Money
Running a food blog is costly, as ingredients are expensive. Think about collaborating with companies for featured recipes & posts.

19. Invest in props
Be on the look out for unusual plates, dishes, cutlery, that fit your style. I love using Oliver Bonas and H&M products as they are adorable & go beautifully with my desserts.

20. Engage with fellow bloggers.
Talking to other bloggers means you can gain friendships and possible collaborations which will attract more interest and potential followers to your blog.

21. Write what you love
Be passionate about what you write and write as if your talking to someone. This makes it more personal and direct.

22. Proof read and spell check
I didn't do this at the beginning and struggle to see mistakes, so using an app like Grammarly is a lifesaver! 

23. Last of all, BACK UP YOUR BLOG. 
Early on, i had to go through the trauma of losing my work & content so invest in a good hard drive, I can't stress this enough!


I hope this helps you guys. Please leave feedback and your blog links in the comments, I would love to check them out :) 

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  1. Thanks for all the tips! I'm working on trying to expand my food blog and some of these are very helpful ;)


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