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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Candy Kittens

Okay, so Candy Kittens may just be the most delicious & adorable sweets I have ever seen/tried.

Candy Kittens is a gourmet sweet brand which makes delicious & moorish sweets using the best possible natural ingredients and authentic flavours in beautiful bright, colourful and eye-catching packaging!
All Candy Kittens sweets are gluten-free, contain only natural colours and flavours, but not all of their sweets are vegan.

I have been wanting to try the Candy Kittens sweets ever since I first saw their watermelon flavour but was so upset to find out that are not vegan as they contained beef gelatin. 
You have no idea how happy I was when they brought out their first vegan flavour, pineapple
Get whisked away to tropical paradise with the Candy Kittens vegan pineapple sweets! These are the best sweets I have ever honestly had!  They are chewy, extremely fruity and mouthwatering, plus they are in the shape of a cat...what more could you want?! 

They also have a new flavour; Sour Apple which is a Hello Kitty collaboration (the packaging is so cute)
I love Hello Kitty and this collaboration couldn't be more perfect. They have made these sour apple sweets which Hello Kitty herself would love! 

Candy Kittens plans on expanding to become a full vegan brand, which would be wonderful!

Let me know what vegan flavour you would like to see next in their range, I would love vegan watermelon...yum!

I love Candy kittens and I am so happy to become a part of their Sweet Squad. Whoop! 

Check out the Candy Kittens vegan range here


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Holly Jade


  1. Candy kittens may currently have a vegan option but the rest of them are made with halal beef gelatine, so if you don't want to eat sweets that include barbaric slaughtering practices, with the poor animals having their throats slit then think again. if you are vegan I would imagine you would want to avoid these, until they become 100% vegan, then you can eat them with a clean conscience

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