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Friday, 26 May 2017

Easy pineapple sorbet recipe

Vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, natural sugars
Knowing how to make the best (and easiest) homemade sorbet will be a life saver, especially perfect for cooling down on a hot, sunny day! 

This recipe has been inspired by the delicious vegan pineapple Candy Kitten sweets.
Candy Kittens are an adorable gourmet sweets company who have some vegan options, including pineapple and sour apple! How yummy do they sound?!
Read more about Candy Kittens here.
This unique 3 ingredient sorbet is vegan and contains natural sugars which mean's it's guilt free! Yay!!!

It's perfect for sharing, throw a few spoons in it and tuck in! 

It would be a real eye catcher at a BBQ, birthday etc :)

-500g of frozen pineapple
-200ml of almond milk
-1 tablespoon maple syrup
-1/2 lemon (juice)

To serve (optional)

-1 pineapple

Step 1- Place the frozen pineapple, almond milk, maple syrup and lemon juice into a blender and whizz up until combined.

Step 2- Place the sorbet into a sealed container and pop into the freezer to thicken.
This will take around an hour.

Step 3- To serve, I cut off the top of a pineapple, sprayed it with edible gold spray and filled it up the delicious pineapple sorbet!

Store the sorbet in a sealed container in the freezer


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