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Saturday, 24 June 2017

New Fentimans Syrups | House of Broughton

I am so happy with the recent release of Fentimans new & exciting products. 

I am the biggest fan of Fentimans soft drinks and couldn't be more excited for a new release!
If you would like to find out more about Fentimans, products and company, including some Fentimans my previous blog posts here.

To go along with their range of delicious drinks and mixers, they have launched 'House of Broughton' which are different flavoured syrups for adding into cocktails, mocktails etc. Yum!
All of these syrups are 100% vegan and made with only natural ingredients which we love! Yay :)

The base to these syrups is sugar syrup which will give any drink a added sweetness along with natural plant extracts and or natural colours/flavours. 
No nasties in these!

They have 6 tasty flavours which include:
-Raspberry (This one smells insane)

These mini bottles come in a luxurious black & gold gift box which is stunning and showcases them really well. Along with a handy bartenders guide which has soooo many recipes, recipes ideas and more info about each syrup and how you can use them.
I am kind of obsessed with the little note that comes in the gift box. It reminds me of something from Harry Potter with the wax seal, only Hedwig didn't deliver it to me :P
Everything about the presentation is very impressive. You certainly feel like your getting high end products. I LOVE it!
I'm in love with the packaging as it is very aesthetically pleasing and elegant. The bottles would look amazing as a feature in your kitchen or bar.
I can't wait to create some differently flavoured mocktails with these beauties!
As they are strong, fine syrups you could even add them to baking recipes for added flavour. I can't wait to experiment with them and share some recipes with you guys! 


Where to buy?
Click here to find your nearest Festockiststockiet.


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  1. wow these are so cool I've really recently got into mixing drinks at home especially gin based ones thanks for letting me know about these

    1. Hi, Naomi, i have been loving experimenting with them! I have SO many mocktail recipes planned! :) x


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