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Saturday, 10 June 2017

New vegan addition to Candy Kittens | Sweet Peach

Say hello to a brand new addition to the Candy Kittens family, SWEET PEACH!
I am so happy Candy Kittens have released a new vegan flavour.

If you would like to read more about Candy Kittens, their company, products + more, check out my previous blog post here.
I am the biggest fan of Candy Kittens! Who doesn't like the idea of tasty little sweets in the shapes of kitty cats? It's my dream combo!

They have just released 3 flavours of gourmet sweets, with 'Sweet Peach' being the third flavour to join the heavenly vegan range!!

Their vegan flavours include:
-Sweet Peach (New flavour) 🍑
-Pineapple 🍍
-Sour Apple 🍏

The new 'Sweet Peach' sweets are absolutely juicy and mouth-watering! They are mini cat shaped sweeties coated in sugar. 
 You get an instant burst of fruity and refreshing peach! I can imagine nibbling on these on a hot day. Sounds lovely!
They have also added to their packaging and now have new gift tubes which I love! I think they look adorable and very unique! Perfect gift for birthdays, special occasions or just to treat yourself! :)

Give them a try, I know you'll LOVE them!
You can pick them up in Waitrose! 

Check out the Candy Kittens vegan range here


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