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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The New LaBante London collection you'll fall in love with

As a huge fan of LaBante London,  I was very excited to hear about their new and exciting collection including the 'Tia' bag.
If you would like to read more about LaBante London, their company, products + more, check out my previous blog post here.


I love LaBante as they offer bags from mini evening clutches to larger city bags. I'm super excited to share them with you since vegan bags are very in demand at the moment, LaBante's just released a gorgeous new item to their handbag collection.

Say hello to the Tia handbag!
It's a large bucket 'Hobo bag' and is made from Polyurethane even tough it looks and smells like Leather. They have done this so that they will be able to appeal to non-vegans and hopefully attract more people away from the real-leather industry. You go LaBante!!!!

This bag also has Louis Vuitton vibes with the upside down V hardware on the front pocket, cute!
I take the bag out on shopping trips with me and it really is a Mary Poppins bag. I can literally fit everything inside of it.
It would also make the perfect beach bag this summer... not that I needed any excuses to visit the beach anyway!

Tia handbag basics
-100% vegan & cruelty-free
-It's very comfortable
-Great quality
-Smart yet casual look
-Fantastic size - Total Mary Poppins bag!
-Practical as it can even fit in a large laptop
- The red lining is very soft (won't scratch items etc)
- Fashionable

The quality and overall styling of the LaBante handbags is always amazing in my opinion!
I am always on their website checking out their products and creating wishlists!

The Tia bag is available for pre-order here!

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Holly Jade 

Thank-you LaBante for supporting my Blog, and sending me this stunning handbag! 
As always, all opinions are my own and 100% honest :) 
The links in this post aren't affiliated.
Such a great company and I will continue to love their products! 

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