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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Vegan shepherds pie recipe

Vegan. gluten-free, wheat-free

I was approached by Rennie to feature on their 'Taste of Britain Campaign' which is all about celebrating and showcasing the wonderful variety of foods in the UK.

Rennie is the UK's favourite heartburn and indigestion tablets and it's very useful to know that they are suitable for vegans!
They have a useful website which gives a lot of information on their products.

I wanted to write a post featuring a great British vegan dish. I decide to cook a hearty shepherds pie. 

Sometimes I crave a wholesome vegetable dish and this one is just that.
It's great for all the family, and makes an alternative to a traditional British Sunday roast.
It's full of flavour and texture and coupled with one of your favourite veggies go down a treat as a main meal of the day.
Shepherds pie sometimes known as a cottage pie originates from the UK and the main ingredients are meat and veggies, topped off with mashed potato. 
You don't have to use meat at all to achieve a very tasty and wholesome dish.
To make this vegan shepherds pie, I used soya mince with veggies, mixed with vegetable stock, a sprinkling of chilli flakes and topped off with a creamy mash.

Preparation- 5 minutes
Cooking time- Around 1- 1& 1/2 hours
Serves- 6 
Level- Medium 

-1 & 1/2 tablespoons of light olive oil
-1 large white onion (chopped)
-1/2 garlic clove (crushed)
-500g of soya mince (or any vegan mince)
-3 tablespoons of tomato puree
-Pinch of salt
-Pinch of chilli flakes
-2 vegetable stocks in 1kg of water
-2 carrots (cut into small squares)
-30g of peas
-900g of potatoes
-80g of dairy-free margarine/butter
3 tablespoons of almond milk

Step 1- Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees c.

Step 2- In a large pan on the hob, heat the oil and add in the onions and garlic.
Allow to cook for a few minutes. 
Step 3- Add the soya mince, tomato puree, salt and chilli flakes. Fry for a few minutes.
Step 4- Pour over the vegetable stock, carrots and peas then cover the wok/pan with a lid and allow to simmer on low-medium heat for around 30-40 minutes.
Keep stiring so the mince doesnt stick.
You can remove the lid after 30 minutes.

To make the potato topping
Step 5- Fill a large pan with water and heat.

Step 6- Add in the potatoes and cook until the potatoes are soft enough to mash.
Step 7- Drain the water and place the potatoes into a heat proof bowl.
Add in the dairy-free milk and butter then mash until fluffy.
Step 8- Place the mince into a ovenproof dish and top off with the mash potato.

Step 9- Pop the pie into the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes.
You will know it's ready when the mashed potato begin to golden in colour.
Step 10- Carefully remove the dish from the oven and serve whilst hot with fresh greens etc.


This post is in conjunction with Rennie but all thoughts are my own.

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