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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

My new vegan tote bag | The Lovely Things

Handbag lovers (like me) have probably collected a whole range of handbags over the years.
Enter the tote! Much to my surprise, I've never owned a large tote.
I carry a lot of things on me so it only seems right to own a large tote bag.
I've been loving my new 'Contrast tote bag' from the company, The Lovely Things.
The Lovely Things make & promote vegan fashion and accessories which are stylish and affordable!
All of their products are animal-free (NO leather, silk, wool, fur) Completly cruelty-free which I LOVE!

As it states on their website:
"We donate a percentage of profit to different animal rescues or wildlife organisations every month."


My new tote has become a fashion staple for me during the past few weeks. Especially as i have been travelling a lot at the moment. It's a great size to fit in all of my must haves, including umbrella, cardigan, my laptop and more! It's like a Mary Poppins bag :)
Its design is simple and goes well with any outfit! It's such a wearable design and is extremely practical as it's super wide and deep. Plus I like the longer handles so it fit's comfortably on your shoulder. It's made out of polyurethane with a faux leather effect which is very smooth and waterproof.

It has a detachable inner zipped compartment which I love in tote bags as I like to pop my valuables in there to keep safe and out of the rain (I like to be prepared at all times, I do live in the UK after all) :) 

I am obsessed with the lining of the bag. It has an eye-catching contrast red lining which is wipeable for any spillages which is fab if you're like me and carry drinks around with you.
This is a really classic bag which is cruelty-free...whats not to love?!

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Holly Jade 

Thank-you The Lovely Things for supporting my Blog, and sending me this stunning handbag! 
As always, all opinions are my own and 100% honest :) 
The links in this post aren't affiliated.
Such a great company and I will continue to love their products! 


  1. I just found this company and love the clean lines and look. Do you know where the bag is made and if it is made ethically/fair trade?



  2. Artisans place the wooden block that corresponds to the intended shape of the bag bottom up. luxury travel bag

  3. Exceptionally helpful post. This is my first time i visit here.

  4. Just seeing if from the picture I loved it too especially it is vegan-friendly. I love collecting vegan items such as bags, shoes, home decors and more. I just recently got my canvas handbag from Leafy Souls and it is not my first time purchasing from them and they are awesome.

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