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Friday, 25 August 2017

Jimmy's Iced Coffee | New vegan drink

After a long wait, Jimmy's Iced coffee have finally released a brand new dairy-free & vegan drink, YAY!

What is Jimmy's Iced Coffee + why have they brought out a dairy-free option?
Jimmy's is a UK based coffee company.
As stated by Jimmy Cregan, Jimmy's founder- "People contact me all the time on social media asking for a dairy-free version, so we had to make them one. It’s really rad that the people who are dairy intolerant now have the opportunity to come and join our party.”


The Jimmy's Iced Coffee cartons have always caught my eye as I love their retro, American vibe.
I'm very happy their vegan drink is mint green, I can take loads of instagram photos with it- haha.

This brand new addition to Jimmy's collection is dairy-free, made with oat milk which I personally love.
Oat milk is plant milk which is a dairy-milk alternative. It's naturally dairy-free and lactose-free, but the oats do contain gluten, so this drink is not suitable for those with coeliac's .

 I hope Jimmy's continue to release dairy-free iced coffee, I would love to see a Christmas gingerbread version *drooling*. That would be ultra delicious too!
This new vegan coffee is smooth & creamy. To me, it tastes like coffee ice-cream which is scrumptious.
It's not too rich but not too mild, they've got it just right!

They are great to take out and about as the cartons are an ideal handbag size. I love the screw cap idea, as opposed to a foil top. They can be messy.

Overall, I am super excited companies like Jimmy's are now jumping on board the cruelty-free and vegan train :) LOVE IT!

Jimmy's are available at-
Whole Foods Market

Check out the 'rad' Jimmy's website here (it's super cool)

Discover Jimmy's on social media-

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Holly Jade


  1. I really need to try this! I've wanted to try their iced coffees for so long, so am so excited that there's now a dairy free version! I'll need to keep my eyes peeled in our local supermarkets I think. Plus I'm loving your idea of a Christmassy gingerbread one!

    Jenny xx

    1. Hello Jenny,
      You do, they taste delicious! I've been waiting for so long to find a dairy-free iced coffee in supermarkets, im so happy :) Haha x


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