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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Violife | New vegan cheese platter

I am so excited I can finally enjoy a cheese platter this Christmas, thanks to Violife! 
Me & my family are big dairy-free cheese fans so this was very exciting news, especially to me, haha.

If you don't know, Violife is a dairy-free & 100% vegan cheese company based in Greece who are dedicated to making amazing vegan & non-GMO products.
I am a huge fan of their vegan parmesan & mozzarella cheeses already. They are my go-to for pizza and pasta dishes and always make meals extra tasty!! 

For Christmas, they have launched their own, special cheese platter containing 3 different cheeses:
-Blue cheese
-After dinner red cranberry
-Mature cheddar

All of these cheeses are truly delicious. They are made with coconut oil and vitamin B12. ( Did you know that coconut oil is a superfood and can help you burn fat, and vitamin B12 is a vital vitamin and helps you to grow normally and is needed for a good brain function.)

 I especially like the after dinner red. It's a crumbly cheese, with little chunks of sweet cranberry inside- yum! I served it traditionally after a meal to my family with a variety of vegan crackers. They are the perfect combination and it went down a treat.
This platter would make a great gift for any foodie as they can be used in recipes as well as sharing at a Christmas dinner party/event. I definitely wouldn't mind receiving it!!! 

Each cheese is 150g and at 5.99 is a fantastic price. 
This platter is available at-

Shop the whole Violife cheese range here
 A huge thank you to Violife for collabing on this blog post with me!

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  1. It would be a very great pleasure to be privillaged to have a taste of special, cheese platter containing three different kind of cheeses - blue cheese is my favoite!


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