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Thursday, 17 May 2018

3 ingredient strawberry nicecream recipe

Vegan, gluten-free, natural sugars, healthy.

If you are yet to try nice-cream or even heard of nice-cream, let me introduce you to the simplest and tastiest dessert you'll try this spring/summer!

Nice-cream is a guilt-free alternative to ice-cream as it's usually only made out of bananas...that's it! So simple yet effective.

This nice-cream incorporates Earth Co 'Hulled Strawberries'.
This is a unique, all natural powder, perfect for naturally colouring food, as well as tasting like concentrated strawberries.

"Our unique powders are flavoured and fused with aromas made entirely from plants and include zero fillers or artificial ingredients. They are perfectly delicious and nutritious when used in everything from smoothie bowls to oatmeal, meringue, candies, cookies, cake, chocolate, and more! They will perfectly colour all your concoctions while adding a delightful burst of flavour."

I am obsessed with the natural colour and flavour of this nice-cream, it's extremely fruity and refreshing, perfect for cooling down in summer! 
This dessert is quick & easy to make, healthy and only requires a few 'easy to find' ingredients to make it. PS- all of the fun is in the decorating.
I decorated with cut out bananas and flowers (These flowers are just for decoration purposes only, not to eat).

Preparation- Overnight
Makes- serves 4
Level- Easy

-300g of frozen bananas
-300g of frozen strawberries
-100ml of almond milk (I use unsweetened)
-Strawberry powder (optional)

Step 1- In a blender/food processor, add in all of the ingredients and blend on high until smooth.Step 2- Pour into a glass/bowl and serve with fresh banana or strawberries.
You could even sprinkle over some chia seeds or nuts for added protein and texture.

Best served fresh & store in the freezer like you would ice cream.


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