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About me

Hello, I am Holly Jade, and Welcome to 'The Little Blog of Vegan'.

Read all about my vegan story here!

I understand its sometimes a struggle to find vegan options in shops and restaurants, so I took this as a great opportunity to explore new recipes, products and foods!

 I converted to veganism by choice in 2015 and I am absolutely loving the benefits so far. 

I am also a huge beauty fan and am always discovering amazing beauty products and vegan/cruelty-free brands which I love to share with you all on this blog!

I hope I can inspire people who are thinking about turning vegan to make the change, and with the right support and nutritional advice, you will love the change and really reap the benefits!

I post on a very regular basis so be sure to subscribe to my posts on the sidebar using your email so you don't miss out on any posts!
Also, tag me on social media using #thelittleblogofvegan so I can see your creations!

I hope you enjoy my website and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need any advice!

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  2. Hii,

    i have read many of your recepies , and they were amazing …. the best part of ur recepies are they are working for me ….

    thanks for sharing such a delicious list of recepies with us….

    keep posting

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