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Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Tart


A quick and easy Vegan + No-Bake Chocolate Tart, with a chocolate biscuit base, raspberry layer, with a chocolate ganache and white chocolate topping. 

Watch the tutorial here. 


Units Scale

Ingredients for the base

  • 200g of vegan friendly digestive biscuits
  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
  • 120g of dairy-free butter / margarine

Ingredients for the filling

  • 250g of dairy-free dark chocolate
  • 250ml of dairy-free cream
  • Handful of fresh raspberries

Ingredients for the topping

  • 200g of dairy-free white chocolate
  • Pink food gel
  • Freeze dried raspberries (optional)


Method (base)

  1. Line the base of a loose base/push up tart tin with greaseproof paper. Grease up the sides of the fluted tin with dairy-free butter or coconut oil.
  2. Place the biscuits into a food processor/blender along with the cocoa powder and whizz up until crumbly, but not too fine.
  3. Melt the dairy-free butter/margarine in a small saucepan over the hob.
  4. In a bowl, add in the crushed biscuits and pour over the melted butter and mix until like wet sand. You want it to hold it’s shape. 
  5. Press the mixture into the lined tin, making sure to compact it in using a spoon or clean hands. The more compact it is, the less likely it will crumble.
  6. Place into the freezer whilst you make the filling

Method (filling)

  1. Lay fresh, whole raspberries over the base (as seen in the video here).
  2. Place the dairy-free cream and dark chocolate into a medium sized saucepan. Gently heat on the hob over low / medium heat until melted. Stir with a heat proof spatula / wooden spoon to prevent burning. You want it to be glossy and smooth.
  3. Carefully pour the chocolate ganache all over the base and raspberries to cover them. Spread even with an off set spatula. Place into the fridge until set. This will take 2-3 hours.

Method (topping)

  1. Place the white chocolate into a heat proof bowl. Fill a small saucepan 1/4 with water and place over the hob on a low / medium heat. Place the bowl on-top to create a bain-marie. Melt the chocolate.
  2. Take out 2 tablespoons of the chocolate and place into a separate bowl. Stir in some pink food gel.
  3. Remove the chilled tart from the fridge, and immediately pour over the melted white chocolate. Be quick to spread it out as the heat from the melted chocolate could melt the top of the tart.
  4. With any left over chocolate, add in a drop of pink food gel. Transfer it to a piping bag, snip off the tip and pipe dots in lines over the entire tart.
  5. Drag a tooth pick or skewer through the dots to create a heart shape (watch me make this tart here.)
  6. Decorate with some freeze fried raspberries (optional). 

Tip: To help cut the tart neatly, heat up the knife before cutting in a bowl full of hot water or use a kitchen blow torch to gently heat the knife. Be very careful when doing this.


To store: Store this tart in a sealed container in the fridge. Best enjoyed 4 days of making.

What cream should I use? For the ganache, any cream works, whether its coconut cream or a vegan single / double cream. I like to use Elmlea Plant Based cream

White chocolate: You want to get a good quality dairy-free which chocolate which has lots of flavour, and melts well. I use Sainsbury’s own ‘Free From White Chocolate’. Other brands such as ICHOC have amazing dairy-free white chocolate which would work a treat!

What food colour to use? When adding colour into white chocolate, you want to use a gel. Gels are high, meaning it wont effect the texture of the chocolate and you wont need to add as much as well! I like to use THIS brand of food gels.

  • Prep Time: 2-3 hours
  • Category: Tarts and pies
  • Method: No-Bake
  • Cuisine: Valentines Recipes

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