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How to make vegan cheese at home (Ft Mad Millie)

Have you ever wondered about making your own cheese? 🧀

Most vegan and non-vegans I know say that giving up dairy cheese is one of the hardest things they had to do. There’s more choice of dairy free cheeses available in supermarkets nowadays. But, if you knew how easy it was to make your own delicious cheeses, would you have a go? Well…you can!

I love the fact that you can actually mail order a cheese kit and make your own.

Mad Millie is a company that pride themselves in bringing homemade/ handcrafted foods to your own kitchen. The idea is that you can have fun creating great quality foods in the comfort of your own kitchen. They send the necessary ingredients and give you the know-how.

They are not a fully vegan company, but they have developed a new vegan cheese kit and I can’t wait to get started making my very own vegan – Feta, mozzarella, halloumi, ricotta, cream cheese and mascarpone. This kit is not only suitable for people on plant-based diets, but for those who suffer from dairy intolerance/ allergy. Yay!!!

The cheese kit contains:

-Recipe booklet
-A mini thermometer
-A cheesecloth
-Citric acid
-Tapioca flour
-Yeast flakes
-Cheese salt

You’ll need a few additional ingredients such as raw cashew nuts, some unsweetened dairy-free milk, ice, olive oil, common kitchen spices, a food processor/ blender and a cooking pot preferably non-stick. There’s no specialised equipment required so that’s perfect!

Cashew nuts are one of the main ingredients in the cheeses. We all know they are extremely good for our health and are great in essential minerals, vitamins, good fats and protein. So not only can you make great tasting cheese, it will have fantastic health benefits as well.

The kit makes three batches of each type of cheese. The instructions are very clear and recipes easy to make.

Also, the Mad Millie website gives you lots of recipe ideas as well as serving suggestions in the instruction booklet that comes with the kit.

I had a go at making the ‘Vegan Firm Mozzarella’ and it was extremely easy to make.

How to make Vegan Mozzarella (Using Mad Millie)


-80g of cashew nuts

-125ml of dairy-free milk (I use unsweetened almond)

-1.5 tablespoons of tapioca flour (in the kit)

-1/8 teaspoons of citric acid (in the kit)

-1/2 teaspoons of cheese salt (in the kit)

-1/2 tablespoon of agar (in the kit)


Step 1- Place the raw cashew nuts into a bowl and fill up with water until they are covered. 

Soak overnight (approximately 8 hours)

Step 2- Drain the cashews nuts and rinse.

Step 3- Place the nuts and all of the ingredients (except the ice) into a blender/food processor and whizz up.

Step 4- Blend until a thick paste is formed.

NOTE: You may need to stop and scrape down the sides.

Step 5- Pour the mix into a non-stick pan and slowly heat to 60 degrees c (140 degrees f) on a low heat. It’s important you continuously stir this to ensure that the mixture doesn’t stick/ burn or separate.

Use the mini thermometer in the kit.

Step 6- When the temperature reaches 60 degrees c, you will notice the mix thicken.

Keep stirring on the heat for a further few minutes to ensure the agar is activated and the cheese sets.

Step 7- Prepare an ice bath by filling a large bowl with cold water and adding in a large handful of ice.

Step 8- Scoop the mozzarella into balls and dunk into the ice bath.

Leave them in the water for 10-20 minutes.

This can then be stored for a maximum of 3 days in an airtight container in the fridge.

I am extremely impressed with how delicious this mozzarella tasted, and how quick it was to make.

I will be adding it onto a vegan tomato pizza which I cant wait for!

The whole process was really fun. It would make a great Christmas present for a cheese lover ( I’m sure you know a few- haha)

You can order the ‘vegan cheese kit’ here!

It retails at £32.99!

There are stockists in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.

To find a stockist near to you, click here.

Shop the whole ‘Mad Millie’ range here.
A huge thank you to Mad Millie for collabing on this blog post with me!

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