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Thursday, 7 March 2019

No-bake, 4 ingredient chocolate tart recipe | Ft Vivani

Vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, no-bake.

The ultimate chocolate dessert. 

A rich, creamy and luxurious no-bake chocolate tart, with a biscuit base and a coconut chocolate ganache filling, makes for a decadent dessert.
Ps...this tart contains only 4 INGREDIENTS! Gotta love a quick & easy recipe- whoop!

This recipe is in collaboration with Vivani.
Vivani make a range of vegan chocolates and I can't get enough!!! They're one of my favourite chocolate companies. From silky smooth dairy-free dark chocolate to white nougat, they have you covered! 

I used the Vivani 70% dark cooking chocolate for the creamy ganache filling which is perfect for giving this tart an outstanding flavour and richness. 

I've found Vivani some of the best to bake with as they melt easily, and set desserts to perfect consistencies, not forgetting..they're very tasty!

Preparation: 15 minutes
Chilling time: 4 hours
Serves: 10+
Level: Easy


Ingredients for the crust
-200g of plain biscuits (I use GF Digestives)
-6 tablespoons of dairy-free butter/margarine

Ingredients for the chocolate filling
-300g of dark chocolate (I used 70% dark from Vivani)
-1 can of coconut milk (cream only)

Toppings (optional)
-Melted dark chocolate (For drizzling)
-Dark chocolate shavings
-Homemade caramel sauce

Method (crust)
1. Line a tart tin with greaseproof paper.

2. Place the biscuits into a food processor/ blender and whizz up until crumb-like.

3. Melt the butter/margarine and pour into the biscuits and mix together until like wet sand.

4. Firmly press the biscuit mixture into the lined tin until its compact.

Place into the fridge or freezer whilst you make the filling.

Method (chocolate filling)
1. Open a can of coconut milk, drain the clear liquid part and only use the thick white cream.

2. Place the cream into a medium-sized saucepan, and heat on medium until it comes to a low boil.

3. Place the dark chocolate into a heatproof bowl and pour over the hot cream.
Allow to sit for a few minutes then stir together.
The cream will melt the chocolate.

4. Pour the filling onto the crust and level with a spoon or offset spatula.
Place into the freezer for 2-3 hours, or until set.

Serve and enjoy.

I served my tart with a drizzle of more melted Vivani dark chocolate, grated dark chocolate and a drizzle of some homemade caramel sauce.

Store in a sealed container in the freezer and best eaten within a few days.


Shop the whole Vivani range here.
This is a paid collaboration with Vivani.
 A huge thank you to Vivani for collabing on this recipe with me!

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  1. This looks amazing! What brand of GF digestives did you use? :)

  2. I love your recipes and blog so much is there an easier way to convert this for american measurements?

  3. This is delicious! I made the base with half digestives and half biscoff biscuits and it worked really well :-)

  4. I had a presentation and tried your recipe and I got full marks!!!


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