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Monday, 16 November 2015

Christmas with Cocoa Libre!

Everyone likes a little bit of Chocolate from time to time especially as its coming up the Christmas. I thought so :D

I have written a post on Cocoa Libre before which i will link below-
If you haven't read that post yet..let me just tell you what Cocoa Libre is-
Cocoa Libre is a Dairy-free Chocolate company, which started by one lady called Louise. She started her company when she found out her Son had developed a Dairy Intolerance & 
wanted to continue giving him lovely Treats on occasion for him to enjoy which were Dairy free, hence Cocoa Libre was Born :D
Cocoa Libre have two new exciting seasonal products, which would be great stocking fillers or thoughtful gifts.
As you can see by the Photo's....they are adorable Solid Chocolate Penguins! I love Penguins, i think they are so addable and always reminds me of Snow & all things Festive!

The Penguins come in 2 flavours-
-Dark Mint Chocolate
-Milk Chocolate
These are extremely cute 3D Penguins. They come in adorable little Boxes containing 8 Chocolates.

I personally really enjoyed the Dark Mint Chocolate, as it is not bitter at all, and tastes just like After 8 Mints....only Dairy-free :D
All Cocoa Libre Chocolate is Smooth and handmade with care! 
These delightful little Penguin friends would be the perfect gift for a Secret Santa. They could even be used to Decorate Festive Cupcakes & Desserts and also a Christmas Cake for a Special touch!

 They retail at £4.95 per Box
You can find these products mentioned in this post here-
All these Sweet Treats are definitely worth tracking down and purchasing! Very lovely packaged products, also its contents are super Moorish, Tempting and enjoyable.

You can buy all of these products i have talked about and MORE on CocoaLibres Website-

Discover CocoaLibre-

Thank you Louise(CocoaLibre) for supporting my Blog, and kindly sending me these yummy Treats!

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Holly Jade


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