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Monday, 2 May 2016

OGX Haircare

'Say hello to Beautiful Hair'

OGX are a Haircare company who have a range of delightful products.
OGX don't only produce haircare, but they also sell body products.
Check them out here-

They are not a Vegan company, but they sell Vegan products which contain NO Animal Ingredients and are NOT tested on Animals!

As stated on their website-
"We’re beauty, pure and simple. So unattainable looks don’t inspire us, but originality does. That’s why we love being different; from our exotic ingredients, to the shape of our bottles, to our quest for sustainability—we approach beauty in our own way"

Organix's products contain exotic ingredients and products range from Coconut, Vitamin B5, Cherry Blossom, Teatree, Masks & Oils plus many more!
They have products specific to your Hair type wether it be Dry, Oily, Thin, Thick...OGX have you covered.
Plus their packaging is 100% Eco-friendly

I was very kindly sent 3 Vitamin B5 Products to review, the Shampoo, Conditioner & Oil mist! 

Vitamin B5 Products-
The Vitamin B5 range has been formulated with Pro-Vitamin B and infused with Vitamin B5 which helps nourish each  stand of Hair giving it the moisture it needs to be silky, shiny & healthy!
The Vitamin B5 products also help to re-build damaged Hair to give you Hair a natural, healthy, vibrant glow!

I love finding Hair products that help fully clean my Scalp & Hair, whist being gentle. 
The Vitamin B5 products are honestly amazing and fills your bathroom with a 'Perfume' esk scent! 
All of these Products have a similar smell to the Juicy Couture 'Viva la Juicy' perfume, which smells DIVINE!

My Hair Type-

My Hair is a mousey Blonde which i have previously dyed in the past, so the ends are very dry and are in need of moisture & nutrients. 
I have fine Hair but have a lot of it and it is hip as you can imagine, i tend to use a lot of product in the Shower, so i try my hardest to find good products which go along way and i have fallen in love with the OGX B5 products.


 Feels very light on the hair
 Leaves a delicious scent in your Hair
 Lathers up in seconds
Feels cleansing 
Leaves Hair with a subtle glow (works best on Blonde hair)
Is very gentle on the Scalp
Easily washes out
Doesn't leave any residue

Locks in Moisture
Leaves Hair soft & silky
Thick & Creamy
Again, has a delightful scent which stays in your Hair
Fights dry ends, leaving you with soft tresses
Makes your Hair look healthier, even after the first wash
Its made my Hair feel thicker & fuller...after 2 washes!

Oil Mist
Leaves Hair very soft
Gives a nice Shine
Dries fast
Doesn't leave any Oily residue
Helps maintain fly aways
Feels healthier, even after the first use
Feels very light & doesn't weigh Hair down at all!
Helps to control unwanted Frizz & baby hairs
Smoothes split ends
Gives the appearance of Healthy Hair in 1 use

All of these products work best combined with each other. They all have great reviews & i would highly reccomend OGX products! A must-have for your Hair care routine.   

385ml= £6.99

385ml= £6.99

Oil Mist-
118ml= £7.35

You can find all of the products i have mentioned on OGX's website-

OGX products are available at these following retailers-

Thankyou so much OGX for very generously sending me these delightful products to try! 
Such a Great company and i will continue to love their products!

Discover OGX-

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Holly Jade


  1. For hair growth and shiny hair we all look for different products. This is a good thing that you can help in that.

  2. This is great hair care product, but tends to leave a super slippery residue on shower floor upon my next visit no matter how thoroughly I've attempted to clean the basin afterwards.

  3. Wow! Nice stuff. I am very glad that I found your blog. hair care products " Keep sharing such kind of useful information. Excellent one.

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