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Friday, 17 June 2016

Spectrum Collections

Calling all Mermaids & Mermen!
You can read up more about Spectrum collections on my previous blog post talking about the company & their mission:

To add to their collection, Spectrum have created a brush Cleaning bundle.
This includes:
-Unicorn Horn Polish
-Brush Heart

The Unicorn Horn Polish is a Bergamot & Grapefruit Coconut milk brush soap, which helps to remove any makep residue from your used makeup brushes. 
It helps to keep makeup brushes in perfect condition and smelling delicious due to the fruity fragrance!
This product is
-100% Vegan 
-Vegan society approved
-SLS free
How to use
Simply wet the brush bristles under water and over the surface of the polish to create a creamy lather.
Rinse the bristles and gently squeeze out any excess water. 
Repeat as necessary and leave brushes to dry flat.

Have you ever tried to clean your makeup brushes and find there is still a lot of residue? Well Spectrum have designed a handy heart brush cleaning aid.
It helps to get rid of stubborn makeup in the bristles and cuts cleaning time in half which is always a bonus!
It is made out of a thick silicon which is water friendly, and can be easily cleaned.
How to use
After using the Unicorn Horn, vigorously scrub the makeup brushes on the smaller bumps and for a deeper clean, work with bristles into the grooves. Rinse clean and lay brushes flat to dry.

Now enjoy your beautiful, clean as new makeup brushes, once they are dry!

Unicorn horn retails at- £14.99 --->

Brush Heart retails at- £8.99 --->

Purchase as a bundle for- £19.99 --->

All of these products & more can be found on Spectrums Website-

I really love Spectrum Collections as a company and will continue to use their products & amazing company!

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