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Making recipes is a huge passion of mine! I have worked with many brands and companies to create tailor made recipes!
I create 100% vegan recipes, RAW, healthy, sweet/desserts.
I am always on the look out to feature new & exciting products on my website and include into recipes!
Whether you would like me to feature your products in some recipes, in a magazine or book or even if you need help with a recipe idea, i would love to help!

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  2. Hi. Love your site. Could you advise on the best vegan chocolate in you opinion. I do chocolate making parties for kids and it would be good to have an alternative.

    1. Hello, Thankyou so much! I am so happy you enjoy my content! Some of my favourite vegan chocolates are Moo Free, Booja Booja, Loving Earth, Ombar.....There are SO many delicious vegan chocolates! :) x


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