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Easy Vegan Cold Brew Coffee recipe

Vegan, gluten-free.

A simple and easy method to a classic cold brew coffee with no special machines required. 

Cold brew is my recent obsession. During this lockdown and being unable to visit coffee shops, I’ve become quite the self-proclaimed coffee aficionado and home barista and as someone who’s never made cold brew before, this is delicious. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than waking up in the morning and sipping a cool iced coffee, and it somehow tastes even better knowing you’ve helped to make it yourself! 

This coffee is a gamer changer, it’s even more delicious with a drip of caramel syrup- yum!


-85g of coarsely ground coffee

-850ml of water


-Handful of ice

-Dairy-free milk

How to make cold brew coffee

Step 1- Place the coffee and water in a jar, place a lid on top, and pop it into the fridge.

Allow the coffee to sit for approximately 48 hours. 

This allows the coffee to steep and gets a really rich flavour.

Step 2- When you’re ready to strain the cold brew, pour through a funnel, a sieve lined with coffee filter paper or thin napkin and pour into a jug/pitcher.

Step 3- To serve, fill a glass with ice, pour the cold brew 3/4 full then finish with dairy-free milk.

Stir to combine.

Concentrated cold brew can be kept in the fridge.

This concentrate will keep for 2-3 days.


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