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Baked Raspberry Swirl cheesecake bars


This is a paid collaboration with KitchenAid.

When you think ‘vegan cheesecake’, I’m sure no-bake cheesecake comes to mind..right?

Well, I bring to you the best BAKED vegan cheesecake.

A crumbly biscuit base with a creamy and silky smooth baked cheesecake filling with fresh raspberries. Doesn’t it sound heavenly!

This recipe is in collaboration with KitchenAid UK.

As you might already know from my Instagram stories and photos of my stand mixers, I love KitchenAid! I not only love the iconic-look of my stand mixer, I use it all the time as it has to be my favourite kitchen appliance.

Their range of products is phenomenal with small and large appliances and a fantastic range of attachments. KitchenAid has an endless choice of stand mixer colours, attachments, and bowls. There’s definitely something to suit everyone’s needs and unique personality! You can even get your favourite stand mixer personalised by choosing your favourite colour, bowl options from stainless steel, frosted glass, metal to ceramic. 

You can also get the trim band on your mixer personalised with an engraving, which is a lovely touch.

I am so proud to own a few of their gorgeous stand-mixers. 

My first was a pistachio ‘mint green’ mixer which my mum and dad bought me for my 18th birthday. I’ll never forget receiving it, it was a very special moment.

 I always wonder what friends and family think of when they walk into my kitchen and see my baby pink, mint green, and cream mixer all lined up in a row. It’s like walking into a 1950’s ice-cream parlour- haha! 

Pink stand mixer below- Dried rose

I think it’s genius that KitchenAid has included an attachment hub on their stand mixers. You can attach a food processor, spiralizer, juicer, pasta roller and cutter, and more. They are space-saving and extremely efficient. You will have to check their website for the full list of attachments. I have been playing around with my latest gadget, the slow juicer!

Me and my family have been getting into juicing recently. It’s an interest we share and it brings us together and I have to say it, this slow juicing attachment is amazing! It can be used to make juices, sauces, and jams.

It’s so easy to put together, simple to use, and very easy to clean. It’s a real ‘win, win’!

For this particular recipe, I used the slow juicer to juice the raspberries which I then simmered on the hob with added sugar to create a fruit jam! 

The fresh raspberry jam adds a sweet and tangy boost to my cheesecake bars. 

   How do you make a vegan baked cheesecake?

  • Silken Tofu
  • Cashew nuts
  • Cream cheese

    This cheesecake is:

  • Summery
  • Fresh
  • Tasty
  • Full of flavour
  • Perfectly sweet, without being too sweet

Preparation: Overnight

Baking time: 45-50 minutes

Makes: Serves- 8-10

Level: Medium


Ingredients for the Base

-250g of plain cookies

-6 tablespoons of dairy-free butter

Ingredients for the Filling

152g of cashew nuts

200g of vegan cream cheese

250g of silken tofu

100g of caster sugar

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract


-180g of fresh raspberries

-20g of fresh strawberries

-3 tablespoons of caster sugar


Method (base)

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees c and line a medium-sized square baking tin with greaseproof paper.

2. Place the cookies into a food processor, blend until fine.

3. Add in the melted dairy-free butter and blend until like wet sand.

4. Pour into the lined tin and pack in very tightly.

The tighter the mixture is packed, the less likely it is it will crumble when you cut the bars.

Set aside.

Method (cheesecake filling)

TIP- The cashew nuts need to be soaked overnight in water. Just make sure the water is covering the nuts!

1. Drain and rinse the cashew nuts and place them into a food processor along with the vegan cream cheese, tofu, sugar, and vanilla.

Blend until smooth.

2. Pour the filling on to the crust.

Tap the cheesecake on the worktop to remove any air bubbles.

3. Add the raspberries and strawberries into the ‘KitchenAid Slow Juicer‘ and using the ‘low pulp’ screen, juice the raspberries.

4. Place the raspberry juice into a saucepan along with 3 tablespoons of sugar.

5. Place ontop onto the hob over a medium to high heat and bring to the boil.

6. Simmer for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon or spatula until its thickened.

7. Allow to cool down fully.

8. Swirl the raspberry mixture into the cheesecake filling and use a fork to swirl it around.

9. Press fresh raspberries into the cheesecake filling.

10. Place into the oven and bake for 45-50 minutesor until the edges of the cheesecake turn golden in colour.

The cheesecake will look soft in the middle, but it will firm up whilst it cools down.

Once the cheesecake has baked, allow it to cool fully, then place it into the fridge overnight. 

Carefully remove the cheesecake from the tin, slice and enjoy.

Store the cheesecake in the fridge.


This is a paid collaboration with KitchenAid.

 A huge thank you to KitchenAid for collabing on this recipe with me!

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