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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Vegan at Pizza Express

What is Pizza Express?
Pizza Express is a Delicious Pizzeria, with over 400 Restaurants scattered around the UK and 40 overseas countries.
Pizza Express specialises in Handmade Pizzas ( They also have different Pasta and Salad dishes)
The Resturants (i have been in) all feel the same, with a relaxed, Italian feel and at Reasonable Prices. 

Pizza Express carter for Vegans and Vegetarians. 
Last year, Pizza Express added a Vegan Pizza to their Menu! Pianta Pizza topped with  chestnut mushrooms, Spinach, Pine kernels and Artichokes on a Spicy Arrabbiata base, which is all made in House. Doesn't this sound gorgeous!!
When i was last in Pizza express, i asked one of the kind staff about what Vegan Meals they have.
Any of the Pizzas can be made completely Free of Animal & Dairy-free Products, and i was told, next time i visit i could take in my own Vegan Cheese to top my Dairy-free Pizza...this is an excellent idea! 

Their Website also States-
''Unfortunately we don’t have a vegan cheese but you can ask for any of our other pizzas to be made without cheese.
You are also welcome to bring in your own vegan cheese to top your pizza, provided that it is in a sealed pack, in date and the date is clearly visible on the pack. Our pizzaiolos can either return to you the rest of the pack or dispose of it. It cannot be brought in/kept at the restaurant for repeat use.''
Pizza Express's famous Passata sauce is made from Tomatoes, Salt, Pepper, Fresh Basil and Oregano, sounds so tasty & delicious!  This is making me Hungry haha! 

More Vegan options on the Menu include a Healthy, Fresh Superfood Salad (just ask for it without mozzarella) as that obviously contains Dairy.
They also sell a mouth watering Refreshing Raspberry Sorbet for Dessert. yummy!

Gluten Free Choices-
Pizza Express have Introduced a Gluten-free Range of yummy Pizzas and a range of Risottos, Sorbets and a Pilsner. 
This is great for Customers ( like myself) who need to Avoid Gluten.
Even Salads can be Made Gluten-free, by making sure the Chef removes the Croutons and Dough Sticks from your Meal. 

As you can see, Pizza Express have made it easy to find a meal to Suit you and your Diet. I am more than happy to sit and enjoy a tasty, moorish meal at Pizza Express. The Staff are always very kind and helpful. Just the customer service you want at a Restaurant. 
I hope i have helped you find a new Restaurant to Enjoy!! 

You can also, use your Tesco vouchers (if you shop at Tesco, and have a Tesco Club card).£5.00 worth of Vouchers will get you £20.00 off Food at Pizza Express! So, this is definitely worth while :)

If you want anymore information, i have linked Pizza Express website below :)

You can also keep upto date with Pizza Express on Twitter-

Enjoy Pizza in Style!

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Holly x 

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