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Saturday, 9 January 2016

My top 15 Vegan Easter Treats! 2016

I went into the Supermarkets yesterday and saw a huge wall of Easter Eggs. It is far too soon to think about Easter, i'm not over Christmas yet! 

To get us all prepared for Easter, i have written a list of my top 20 Vegan Easter Treats. All products mentioned are Dairy-free. Hopefully this post can give you inspiration if you are struggling to find/buy a gift for a Vegan/Dairy-free this Easter.

Some of these would be perfect gifts for easter or as a little treet for yourself!

Lets get into My Top Vegan 20 Easter Treats! 
1. Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs by Hotel Chocolat The Easter Collection at Booja Booja

3. The Holland & Barrett Good Life Egg

4. Rice milk Chicks by Cocoa Libre

5. Kinnerton Easter Egg & Luxury Dark Chocolate Bar

6. Celtics Easter Egg with Disks
(can also be purchased in Supermarkets)

7. Bonnie & Benny the milk less Bunnies by Premium Chocolatiers

8. Cream Veggs by Premium Chocolatiers

9. Belindas Handmade Nuts n Nibs Easter Egg
(can be made Vegan)

10. Choices Caramel Flavoured Chocolate Egg with Caramel Truffles also be purchased in Supermarkets)
11. Green & Blacks Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Egg-
Ocado Green and Blacks Easter Egg

12. Lindt Dark Chocolate Bunny
(can also be purchased in other Supermarkets)

13. Moo Free Easter Eggs
 -Chocolate Orange
-Original (Milk)
(can also be purchased in other Supermarkets)

14. Divine 70% Dark Chocolate Egg with Raspberry Bar
15. Choices dairy-free Egg with Buttons http://www.hollandandbarrett.comchoices-dairy-free-chocolate-easter-egg-chocolate-rondellos-

I know there are many more and i am always on the look out for new and exciting treats, so if i find more, i will be adding to this page! so bare with me with that.

If any readers have any other ideas or know of any other scrumptious vegan easter products message me i would love to hear from you and include them in this Blog post. I hope you all have a Happy and Healthy Easter!  :)

Holly Jade

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  1. oh wow I never knew that some Lindt products were vegan! This was such a helpful posr, thank you- I will definitely be checking some of these out! x


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