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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Booja Booja

Booja Booja is a luxurious Chocolate company who specialise in making indulgent & speical 'melt in your mouth' handmade Truffles!
All of their products are Organic, Soya, Dairy and Gluten-free.
They are also Vegan & suitable for Coeliac.

They also make Multi-award winning rich & creamy Dairy-free Ice-cream alternatives in a rage of 5 mouthwatering flavours, which i have listed below-

Hunky Punky (Chocolate)
Deeply rich, truffley smooth chocolate dairy free luxury ice cream alternative made with cashew nuts.

Feisty Rollercoastery Ginger
Enlivengly fresh, succulently smooth, feisty ginger dairy free luxury ice cream alternative made with cashew nuts.

Keep Smiling Vanilla M' Gorilla
Sublimely creamy, smooth and rich, fragrant vanilla dairy free luxury ice cream alternative made with cashew nuts.

Coconut Hullaballoo
Creamy, sun drenched island coconut dairy free luxury ice cream alternative made with cashew nuts. 

Pompompous Maple Pecan
Fabulously rich, creamily smooth, maple pecan dairy free luxury ice cream alternative made with cashew nuts.

These Ice-cream alternatives are made with only 4/5 Organic & wholesome ingredients, made with Cashew Nuts, Sweetened with plant-based Agave Nectar. Very Simple but delicious!
You can check out the Ice-creams here-

Booja Booja are known mainly for their delectable Truffles!
They have  8 Collections:

The Chilled Collection
Perfect for private moments and friendly sharing — no matter the occasion …. mere enjoyment. A delicious selection of 6 chocolate truffles in an array of gorgeously colourful boxes.There are 8 different flavours in this range.
Check out the flavours here-

The Mini Collection
A pair of truffles to give you a perfect little Booja-Booja moment when the mood takes youThere are 5 different flavours in this range.
Check out the flavours here-

The Four Corners Collection
Nine yummy truffles of your favourite flavour, what could be better when you need a little treat? Or when you want to let someone know that you care?There are 4 diffenret flavours in this rage.
Check out the flavours here-

Fine de Champagne Box
No celebration is complete without a beautiful black and gold box of 12 Booja-Booja Fine de Champagne Chocolate Truffles.

The Special Edition Gift Collection
An enchantingly elegant box with a soft velvety finish makes The Special Edition Gift Collection the perfect present for chocolate connoisseurs, and indeed anyone who enjoys a little stylish pleasure. 12 luxury chocolate truffles.There are 4 different flavours in this range.
Check out the flavours here-

The Gourmet Selection
A luxurious selection of 20 deliciously diverse chocolate truffles. Great for giving and sharing with friends and family. There is a flavour for everyone.There are 6 different flavours in this range.
Check out the flavours here-

The Artists Collection
A beautiful gift box hand painted by talented artists in Kashmir, India, using traditional art forms. Perfect for those who love chocolate and beautiful things. 16 luxury chocolate truffles.There are 2 flavours in this range.
Check out the flavours here-

The Easter Collection (Available seasonally)
Hand-painted Easter eggs made in Kashmir, India & hand-packed in Norfolk with delicious chocolate truffles. Perfect for those who adore chocolates & beautiful things. Small eggs- 3 Truffles, Large eggs-12 Truffles.There are 8 flavours in this range.
Check out the flavours here-

You can get to know each Truffle flavour here-
Booja Booja as a company, have won 69 awards in 15 years (which is totally understandable & deserving)They support 2 charities per year. One near by and the other far away.If you would like to read more about their charity work, i have linked the page on their website below-

As i am a HUGE Booja Booja fan, i was kindly sent 2 of their Four corners boxes...Hazelnut & Around Midnight Espresso Chocolate Truffles.
Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles

Roasted Hazelnuts are yummy, but encased in a cool, Dark & rich Chocolate coating is LUSH!
This Truffle has won 2 awards-
Great Taste Gold 2012
Organic Food Awards 2012
These are one of my favourite flavours which i have tried out of the Booja Booja range!The Truffles are packaged in a sophisticated Black and Gold box with a pull out tray containing 9 Truffles, each in their own individual mini (cupcake) Cases! Super cute!!!
I really like the level of detail and design that goes into the packaging, is each Box of Truffles comes with a cute, inspirational quote (as you can see on the photo below)
The reason i fell in love with these Truffles, is because they contain a delicious silky smooth Ganache filling.
I love Hazeleuts & the Nuts they have used are sweet & roasted with a delightful crunch!Retail price- £6.99

After Midnight EspressoAs you may be able to tell from my Instagram feed, i LOVE Coffee! The flavour, texture & taste, but infused into a Chocolate Truffle....yes please!This Truffle alone has won 16 Awards! Thats very impressive!The Coffee used in these exquisit Truffles are fresh and fine Cocoa Beans from the Dominican Republic! It leaves a yummy aftertaste, and as you can see by the photo below, how rich & luscious the centre is.....(i desisted so hard taking these photos)
I don't know how they've made it so soft with the Coffee... it is pure satin!!!
Retail price- £6.99

Shop Booja Booja NOW!

Booja Booja can also be found at the following retailers listed below-
Holland & Barrett-
Ocado (Online Store)-

Find your nearest Stockist/Retailer here-

Thankyou so much to the kind people over at Booja Booja for very generously sending me these delightful Truffles to try & enjoy!!! yum yum.
Such a Great company and i will continue to love their products!

Discover Booja Booja-

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