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Monday, 15 February 2016

Super Food Fruit Smoothie with a Raw Cacao Drizzle!

I was really excited to try out this new Super Food smoothie Mix that i was sent by Indigo Herbs Glastonbury called KICK ASS Smoothie Mix.

Indigo Herbs is a company that supply the finest, natural health products at affordable prices.
They focus on Quality, Purity & Simplicity.
The types of products they supply are:
-Herbel Tinctures
-Herbel Powders
-Herbal teas
-Incense Resins
-Whole foods
-Fruit & Vegetable Powders
-Super Powder Blends
-Raw Chocolate Ingredients
-Vegan Protein Powder
-Mushroom Nutrition
-Raw Seed & Nut Butters

The company believe that you can reach optimum nutrition whilst living in harmony with the Environment, Plants & Animals (i'll High 5 to that) :D
I like the fact that they say they work with suppliers who have an awareness of Ecology & Show a genuine respect for the Earth!
Indigo Herbs are a trusted & well used company, who have a 5 star rating on Trust Pilot! 
You can also access a range of delicious Recipes on their website, and read up more about their Products & company.

 Here is the link to their website- 
This Smoothie is full of Healthy Nutrition & goodness, and is 100% Vegan & Raw
This smoothie is NOT Gluten-free, as the Powder used contains Wheat/Gluten.
I love Smoothies, as they are soooo versatile & easy to make (and when i want a quick flavour Drink, i want it asap)! I especially love smoothies that don't only taste good, but do good!
In this particular Smoothie i have incorporated Indigo Herbs Kick ass Smoothie Mix. 

The Smoothie mix contains some great Organic/Vegan Ingredients such as-
-Sprilina powder
-Maca Powder
-Banana Powder
-Chlorella Powder
-Chia Seed Protein
-Pumpkin Seed
-Protein Organic
-Wheat-grass Powder
-Moringa Powder
-Baobab Powder
-Barley Grass
It is a Power house of Plant Based Proteins, Minerals & Vitamins. It is a High performance powder, and can be used pre/post workout or for an extra energy boost!
When i made this Smoothie, the colour of the Indigo Herb Smoothie mix is a dark green with a brown tint...which isn't the most pleasing on the eye, but it does NOT affect the overall taste of this yummy Drink in the slightest.
Its really delicious, and super quick & easy to make!
I also really enjoyed mixing in the Cacao Drizzle which gave the Smoothie extra texture, with a delightful Chocolaty flavour.

For the smoothie
-1 Banana
-Cup of Strawberries
-Cup of Almond Milk
-1 heaped Dessert Spoon of Indigo Herbs Powder 
For the Raw Cacao Drizzle
-1 Tablespoon of Almond Butter
-1 Tablespoon of Maple Syrup
-1/2 Tablespoon of Cacao Powder
-Around 3 Tablespoons of Almond Milk

Step 1- Wash and prepare your Fruit.
Step 2- Place all of the Smoothie ingredients into a Food Processor or Blender and whizz up until smooth.
Pour into your favourite glass to serve your Super Food Smoothie with a straw to suck up all of the goodness!!!

You can add a little extra luxury by making a delicious & health-packed Raw Cacao Drizzle!
Step 1- Mix all of the Cacao Drizzle ingredients in a small blender
Add as much Almond Milk as you need to make the correct consistency for Drizzling.
Drizzle the Cacao topping over your Smoothie, finish off with a fresh, juicy Strawberry & a sprinkling of Cacao Nibs... yum yum!

100g of the Kick ass Smoothie Mix= £6.99
250g= £14.99
500g= £27.00

Purchase the KICK ASS Superfood powder here-

You can purchase the products i have talked about above, plus MORE on Indigo Herbs Website linked below-

Discover Indigo Herbs on Social Media-

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