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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Easter at Lush!

Put a 'spring' in your step this Easter!

Lush is one of my favourite shops to buy seasonal products!

If you don't know Lush, you can read my previous Lush post with details on the company & beliefs- 

Lush have just introduced their new Easter collection which is adorable!
All of their products are 100% Cruelty-free, homemade & freshly made.
These products in this Blog post are 100% Vegan.

I was able to get my hands on 6 spring-time products.Each one is detailed and smells amazing!
The best thing about Lush products are the scents. They are always very fresh, strongly scented, long lasting and easy to use!

The 6 products i got my hands on are-
-The Golden egg
-Rose Bombshell
-Somewhere over the Rainbow
-Flowering Tea
-Bouncy Bunny
-Bunch of Carrots
All these products contain Natural ingredients!

The Golden Egg is a Toffee scented Bath Melt, which is coated in shimmery Gold Glitter!Its packed with Fair-trade Columbian Cocoa Butter which leaves your skin ultra soft and moisturised.
It contains refreshing & uplifting sweet, wild Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil (Lemon), with a dash of protecting Olive Oil.
To use: Pop this melt in water and watch your bath turn luxuriously Gold with Glitter which will make you feel like a Princess!
Retail Price- £3.95 ($5.63)

The Rose Bombshell is Bath Bomb. This lovely little product is floral scented, and contains actual Rose Petals inside!!!!!It contains Cleansing & uplifting Sicilian Lemon Oil, Rose Oil, Geranium Oil and Rose Absolute which smells delightful.
To use: Place this Bath Bomb in running water and watch it Fizz before your eyes, magically revealing a triplet of Yellow Rose Petals!
 A beautiful spectacle for an exciting Bath time!
Retail Price- £3.95 ($5.63)

"Somewhere over the Rainbow" is a lovely rich Citrus scented Soap.
It contains restorative Rose Absolute, toning Naroli Oil and uplifting Orange Oil which adds a delicious fresh and fragrant lather to your daily showers.
To use: Rub this delightful sunny Soap between your hands or over you body in the shower and let the scent burst take you on a magical trip down the Yellow brick road to Oz!
Retail Price- £4.25 ($6.07)

Have you ever wanted to take your Tea into the Bath?...well now you can!
The Flowering Tea is a reusable Bath Dunk which when under running water, reveals Exotic blue Cornflowers, sunny Orange flower absolute and Rich Rosewood!
It makes for a very relaxing and calm bath, perfect for after work/school or for a pamper night.
To use: Dunk into warm water, sit back and relax in the Floral brew :D
Retail Price- £4.95 ($7.63)

Need a spring in your step? Well, the Easter Bouncy Bunny has you covered!
This is a wobbly Shower Jelly, shaped like an adorable Bunny & is scented with Brazilian Orange Oil which brightens and tones the Skin and lathers up in seconds and really reveals a true citrus scent burst.
To use: Scoop the Bunny out of the Pot and work up a smooth, fresh lather.
Retail Price- £3.95 ($5.63)

Easter to me screams out...CARROTS!
These little guys come in a bunch of 3 Carrots in Pink, Orange and purple.
These Carrots contain Sicilian Lemon Oil, Buchu Oil and Burgamont Oil. Perfect as a quirky Easter Gift!
To use: They are reusable and when under running water, create a bright and colourful bath.
Retail Price- £6.25 ($8.92)

Shop Lushes Easter collection here-

All of the products above would make the perfect Easter Gift for a Lush lover!

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