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Friday, 14 October 2016

Christmas at Lush 2016

You know its coming near to the festive season when Lush bring out their Christmas collection! 
I know its a little early to be getting christmassy, but its never to early to get in the festive spirit (well, maybe August)
I am always excited for the Lush Christmas collection, mainly for snow fairy, but i have seen some of their new products and they are just so adorable!
What is Lush?
Lush is a cosmetics retailer, which is 100% Vegetarian and Cruelty-free. 
They have a great range of vegan products! All of the ingredient are on the packaging! 
They are a company that are fighting against Animal Testing. They use ethical buying, everything is Fresh & hand made with care and they use limited packaging as they are aware of environmental issues. 
Lush is a company who support fair trade. Products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and the information is clearly marked on the labels.
I love Lush as a company because it embraces my view, looking after the environment & protecting the Animals, as well as producing fresh, gorgeously scented and quality goods!
Once you have tried some of Lushes products, you will easily find yourself hooked!

You can read more about Lush here-

I got my hands on a few of their new products!
-Fairy dust (dusting powder)
-Santas belly (shower jelly)
-Bubbly (shower gel)
-Berry lip sugar scrub 
-Never mind the ballistics (bath bomb)
-Shoot for the stars (bath bomb)
-Sleepy (body lotion)

Lush have done it again and picked out some delicious scents and shimmery/sparkly products, which will make you glisten by the Christmas tree!

I have taken a particular liking to the fairy dust, as it has a similar scent to snowfairy, which is my ultimate favourite Lush product of all time!
It leaves a shimmer on your skin, whilst smelling delightful! Perfect for a night out or event!
This is a new product for christmas 2016, and i'm sure its going to be one of those amazing products everyone wants to get their hands on!!!

"Sprinkle this sweet, sparkling pink dust over skin to stay fresh for awfully big adventures. For dreams that take you past the second star to the right and straight on 'till morning, you can use it to candy-coat bedsheets too."

Lush have more seasonal products that are now in their shops. You can check them out on their website or pop into one of their stores.

Shop Lushes festive collection here-

All of the products above would make the perfect christmas Gift for a Lush lover!

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Holly Jade

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  1. I really like Lush products because they're cruelty-free and because of all the other things you mentioned. It's such a good brand.


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