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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

How to order vegan at Caffè Nero

My Vegan at Costa Coffee blog post has gone down a storm with you guys and I think it's about time I update you about more coffee chains where yummy vegan food & drinks are available!
Caffe Nero European style coffee house based in the UK.
It always has a lovely atmosphere and the staff are always very helpful!

The vegan range isn't huge at Caffe Nero but if you want a quick snack and a tasty drink, it's definitely worth a visit!

-Ranges of teas
-Americano with soya milk
-Cappuccino with soya milk
-Frappes latte with soya milk and no drizzles
-Hot chocolate with soya milk
-Latte with soya milk
-Mocha with soya milk

How to order Vegan-
  • Remember when ordering, ask for Soya milk! All Caffe Nero's should stock dairy-free milk but its worth asking before hand if they have it in, and remember they can change milk to Soya without an additional cost. *thumbs up*
  • Make sure you ask to leave out any added ingredients like Whipped cream, Biscuits, Chocolate drizzle's as they contain milk.
  • Not all drinks at Caffe Nero, but some CAN be made Vegan, So it's always best to ask before its too late :)
  • Most of the coffee sugar syrups (by the brand Monin) used by Caffe Nero are vegan, yay! 

-Bear Yo yo's (fruit rolls made from 100% fruit)
-Fruit salad
-Fruit & Nutbags
-Crisps (Sea salt flavour)
-Porridge (with soya milk)
-Berry compote (for porridge)
-Maple syrup (for porridge)
-Totally Nuts (mix of nuts)
-Propercorn popcorn 
-Chocolate coated coffee beans (Dairy-free)
-Falafel and tabouleh salad

Sandwiches (NOT wheat/gluten-free)
-Ciabatta Bread Roll, served with Soup.
-Houmous and Falafel Wrap
-Spicy Bean Fajita Wrap

I hope Caffe Nero expand their vegan range. If I hear of any new vegan products Caffe Nero, I will update this blog post and let you guys know! :)

Please comment if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer and hopefully advise you :)

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Holly Jade


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