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Friday, 27 March 2015

Vegan at Nando's?

Isn't it a Pain, when your Friends & Family want to go out to Dinner but your stuck wondering whats on the Menu that you can eat!? I know i get this a lot!
I love eating out, but becoming vegan (with my Intolerance's as well) it has become 100% harder to find places that suit my Diet.
I have been out and about and know a few places that do Great Vegetarian/Vegan food, and places that cater for Intolerance's!

1st of all, most places now, should have a Vegan/Intolerance Menu!

My favourite place to eat out:
Ohhhh yeah, i do love a good Nando's!
I know what y'all are going to say ( but Holly, Nando's is a Chicken restaurant)..yes, but Nando's also do some Vegetarian and Vegan food!
You have to understand Nando's is not a Vegan Restaurant, but they do offer non-meat products on their Menu!
When i normally go to Nando's (which lets face it, is quite regular) i order a Medium Spice, Veggie Pitta with NO Mayo.
Nando's are pretty good, and they do take Specific steps to separate Meat from their non meat products-
I would never go into a Chicken Restaurant and Order food, but Nando's has a separate Kitchen for Vegetarian/Vegan food! They have separate Grills & Ovens which don't come into contact with Meat! This makes me feel at ease!
They have Separate bottles of the Nando's Bastes and separate utensils are always used with their Non-meat products! Its great!

You can always order Takeaway,if you don't want to sit in the Restaurant! me, the food is UHHMAZING and there will be something for you to choose from :)

The thing to always ask at Nando's-
-No Mayo- The Mayo mandos use has Egg in it!
-When Ordering your Meal, it is worth telling a Restaurant Member that your are Vegan/Vegetarian, just to ensure they are extra careful when handling your Food! 

A full Ingredients list is available in all of Nando's restaurants! All you have to do, is ask the Duty Manager to see the 'Menu Specification Folder' when you go in to Visit!

I hope i have found you a new place to sit, eat and enjoy your Food!
I absolutely love Nando's, the staff are always so helpful, so go on....try it :)

I hope you liked this Little post!
I just feel people don't know you can get Veggie/Vegan food from Nando's, so i thought ild let you guys know *Angel emogi*

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Holly Jade


  1. nandos is sooooo tasty :) Love this post!

  2. How come? Vegan and vegetarian in a same place? That's a great initiative by Nandos to bring both vegan and vegetarian together. I will have their food soon. I like to order food online so that I can save my time and use it in other task.

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