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Sunday, 20 December 2015

A.dorn Vegan & Cruelty-free Nail Polish

If the Colour fits....wear it!
A.dorn is a Nail Polish/Paint company based in the beautiful California, USA!
They have created a range of lovely Products which are Vegan, Cruelty-free and are free from Toulene, DBP (which is a Toxic Chemical) ,Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin.
Their Nail Polishes come in a variety of stunning Shades and textures.
I got my hands on 4 of their Products-

-Fairy Dust and Happy Thoughts (Metallic White with a yellow/Gold Shine)
-All that Glitters (Gold Glitter Polish)
-Violet Moon (Light Grey)
-Vive Le Coquette ( Pastel/Baby Pink)
Nail polishes can really add a pop to any outfit/look and its always nice (around this time of year) to add extra Glamour to your Look!
I instantly tried out 'All that Glitters'
As it states on A.dorns website-
"All That Glitters" is a fun, sparkling golden glitter. Multiple shades of gold make this polish unique and the glitter finish is the perfect nail color for a night on the town, a holiday party, or just to brighten up your day.  This is a three dimensional glitter, meaning you will feel the texture on your nails, although it is not rough and will not snag.  But unlike many glitter polishes, "All That Glitters" is a snap to remove, with no soaking necessary and no scratching your nail bed''
This Nail Polish has a beautiful Goldie Shine and really captures the light! To get the most out of the colour, you need around 2 coats! It dried fairly quickly on my nails and lasted a good few days without chipping or breaking off.
A MUST have for this time of year!

I love the name of this Nail Polish, Fairy Dust and Happy Thoughts! Instantly made me think of Adventure Time haha.
This Polish is a creamy Fairytale inspired colour.
It is quite a sheer Colour but once you add a few layers, it looks like you have Pearl's as Nails...who wouldn't want that?!!
This colour would be perfect for a Winter Wonderland inspired Party/Gathering or for a Wedding, as its traditional yet classy.

Pink has always been one of my all time favourite colours!
Vive Le Coutette is a gorgeous baby pink colour and a great edition to your nail varnish palette!
Its a bright and youthful colour and very silky and highly pigmented. Only 1 coat is needed, but i always add two for extra staying power.
This colour Compliments any outfit & occasion. I would wear this colour on bright, sunny summer days for Garden Parties or Holidays to add an extra pop. I even used it as a pretty base coat and applied some of the All that Glitters on top, it gave a lovely light, shiny Pastel effect!

I have never been a huge fan of dark Nail polishes, as i love my Pastels & pretty Pinks(as you can tell from my Instagram page) :P
This Nail polish is called violet Moon and its actually a lovely light Grey with a hint of Purple, which reminds me of the Night Sky!

As it states on A.dorns website-
"Violet Moon" is the perfect shade between violet and grey, universally flattering.  A wonderful contradiction of color.  Elegant but not stuffy, sweet but not saccharin, modern and on-trend but not funky or overdone.  Very "Gray Gardens" with just slightly less melancholy, very ladylike but in a tongue-in-cheek kinda way, pastel goth with a splash of chic.Forget it, it's not even describable- just wear it, you'll see''

A really nice colour for these cold, Winter days! I think this colour would look perfect dressed up,paired with a Beige/White outfit or dressed down with Jeans and a Grey top!

 You could even add a top coat of would look Space inspired.
All of A.dorns Nail Polishes retail at $11.00 each ( £7.39 each) which i think is a great price, considering they are 0.5oz bottle!
You can also purchase Nail Polish Sets (which come in sets of 3). These would be perfect stocking fillers or Gifts for a Birthday! These cost $33.00 (£22.16)

At the moment 3 of the Nail Polish Sets are on SALE, so head on over and check them out. I have linked the Sets below-
All these products are great quality & would be lovely wrapped up as a special gift for a Makeup lover! 
A.dorn have WORLDWIDE shipping, so wherever you are will have beautiful, bright & sparkly nails for any occasion and time of the year!

All these products & MORE can be found on A.dorns Website-

Stay tuned as i will be adding Photos of these colours on!

Thankyou so much to the kind people over at A.dorn for very generously sending me these delightful Nail Colours to try & enjoy! Such a Great company and i will continue to love their products!

Discover A.dorn-


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