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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Spectrum Collections | Marbleous collection

Spectrum Collections have created yet MORE beautiful Makeup brushes to have us all drooling over!
Welcome the 'Marbleous Collection'.
These brushes have been finished off with a White wooden Handle, Grey Bristles and stunning Rose Gold detailing!

Buy the sets here -
Marbelous 5 piece set (Larger facial brushes) -  
Marbelous 7 piece smoke set (Smaller eye brushes) -
Marbelous 12 piece complete set -

It states on their Website-
"All of Spectrum Collection’s brushes are hand finished, Vegan and Animal friendly - composed of the highest quality synthetic hair, ensuring the brushes are not only beautifully soft, but also a compassionate choice"

You can read up more about Spectrum collections on my previous blog post talking about the company & their mission:

This brush set is beautiful - As you can tell!
The Brushes are really soft and feel high quality.
There is a range of different brushes for each part of your Face. You have a selection of brushes for powder, Foundation, Eyeshadow & Eyebrows or whatever you would personally use them for - The world is your oyster (or shell, get it?)!

There is a really nice Flat headed brush (CO2) which is great for Bronzing & Contouring, but i also find it works well stippling my Foundation.
I have been loving the AO2 brush for dotting on liquid Concealer. It leaves a really nice smooth finish with no streaks!!! 

These Brushes are not only lovely to use but are sooooo instagrammable! They also look so cute on my Desk :)

Marbleous 5 piece Sculpt set ---> Check me out here

Marbleous 7 piece Smoke set ---> Check me out here

Marbleous 12 piece set ---> Check me out here

All of these products & more can be found on Spectrums Website-

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Holly Jade

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