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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Neal's Yard review

I have been a big fan of Neals Yard for a while, ever since discovering their avocado night cream.
I recently got my hands on a few of their products and wanted to share my thoughts.
 Read on for how I create a smoothed and radiant complexion using just a few products that do their job extremely well.
Neals Yard specialises in organic health & beauty products.
They are vegan as well as being cruelty-free, and support amazing charities including, PETA( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), Fair for Life, Fair Wild and Fairetrade.

I met an Independent Consultant for Neal's Yard Remedies Organic, Michaela Harrison at This Morning Live who was very informative and passionate about their products which is always great to hear!

I've known about Neals Yard for years. My mum was and still is a huge fan of their Aromatherapy and Well-being range!

A few products I've been testing out are
 -Orange flower facial oil
-Rejuvenating Frankincense toner
-Cocoa superfood
-Rose, lime and cucumber moisturiser 

First of all, the scents of all Neals Yard products are divine! I bloomin' love them!

I don't use toner every single day but I like to use it after removing makeup and before moisturising. I work this toner into my skin before gently washing it off with a warm facial towel. After this, my skin feels super soft, fresh and clean, prepped for moisturiser.
The rose, lime and cucumber moisturiser and facial wash are one of my favourites of this month. It's one of those products that doesn't only smell amazing but feels incredible. I've been reaching for it a lot this month.
I have very dry, sensitive skin and applying this morning and evening is lovely. It leaves my skin, soft and feeling supple, always a bonus with a moisturiser.
 This truly is a product that deserves recognition and is probably one of my most loved products at the moment. I need go pick myself up the full sized bottles soon!
They are for all skin types and contain only natural and organically derived ingredients which are great!
Not only what you put on your body, but in your body is important too.
I am loving the Organic cocoa blend- rebalance. Oh my's delicious!
I've been adding this into my banana protein smoothies and I even tried it out in some chocolate chip cookies (Recipe coming soon)
It's packed full of amazing vitamins and nutrients. It's vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, kosher and doesn't contain any preservatives or added sugars.
I'm planning on a few recipes with this gem soon so keep an eye out :)

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  1. It's really interesting to read your thoughts on some of the Neal's Yard products. I've been wanting to try their products for ages, and there's even a store near my university, but I still haven't got round to going in! So once I'm back at Uni I think I will have to pop in and give some of their products a try!

    Jenny xx

    1. Hi Jenny, I'm so pleased you are encouraged to take a look at Neal's Yard Remedies. I've messaged your blog page re sending some samples out to you!
      Michaela x

    2. Hello Jenny,
      Thankyou so much! I highly recommend them and i am sure you'll love them as much as i do :) x


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