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Monday, 13 July 2015

Is being Vegan EXPENSIVE?

I have read online & have been asked, is being Vegan expensive?

This day and age, there is a lot of Fast food restaurants & chains which serve up cheap, convenient food for on the go. These Places are ok to eat at occasionally, but not on a day to day basis.

Being Vegan, as much as i like going to Pizza Express and Chipotle, its nice to nip to the Supermarket or Whole-food shop and prepare & cook my own, healthy meals.

For a few months now, i have noticed the Prices of healthy food change(especially Gluten-free Bread etc) which have lowered. I really think this is because a lot more people are starting to look into their Health, and want to be on the best diet for their Bodies.
Veganism doesn't have to be expensive. I tend to shop at my local ASDA & Sainsbury's (Large Supermarkets) down the Free-from Isle. The Free-from Isles in Supermarkets has grown substantially, which i am extremely pleased with!
It seems to me that the food industry is taking healthy food Vegan,Vegetarian, gluten-free etc more seriously and there seems to be more options and Variety becoming available, both in supermarkets and Online. Also Cafes and Restaurants are also selling a Variety of Vegan/Coeliac/Gluten-free etc options. 

Before you set out to any Restaurant or visit different cities to the one you are used to, make sure to check out the Food Menu's. You might be surprised, there are more options out there than you realised.
I am not saying that everywhere sells Vegan, but its clear that companies & restaurants are taking this on board.

For instance, i have just been online and found out that Cafe Nero do a variety of Vegan options. This was new information to me and i will be following this up and writing a Blog Post on their Vegan options.

In the comments, please leave me some of your favourite Vegan places to eat, any information you would like to give me, and i will most certainly follow it up & write a Blog post :)

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