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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

No Gym exercise Tips!

A lot of people don't go to the gym - wether you don't have time to, you can't afford it or a variety of other reasons.
Theres lot of ways you can get extra exercise into your daily routines without having to step foot into a gym!
Ive thought out some helpful, quick and easy tips to get you moving, that can fit into your everyday life!

❤ Parking further away from the shops so you have a little extra to walk.
❤ When you are sat on a chair, you can tense your bum and calf muscles in repetitions of 10.
❤ Walk up and down your stairs at home a few times for a mini workout.
❤ Take the stairs, not the lift!
❤ Jog on the spot as your waiting for the kettle to boil, or toast to pop up!
❤ Get your groove on and have a boogie in the shower! or even cleaning your teeth. 
❤ Use your shampoo bottles as weights in the shower and lift them up and down.
❤ Raise you legs up and down in bed for a little Back & upper thigh workout.
❤ Dancing to your favourite music is sure to raise you heart rate and burn some calories. ❤ Use your Sofa/Chair as a Bench Press. Great for working the arm muscles, in repetitions of 10.
❤ Wall sits are great to strengthen your Quad Muscles.
❤ Tensing & holding your Stomach Muscles in bed or whilst at a Desk.

These are just a couple of my personal favourite easy & beneficial exercises which I'm sure can fit in with any Schedule. 

You can also keep a healthy Vegan protein bar in the glove compartment of your car, or in your handbag incase you get any post exercise cravings!
My recommendation would be the Trek Protein bars which can be found in most supermarkets and health stores!They taste great whilst providing your with a good amount of Protein!

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  1. Very helpful! Cant wait to try these tips out :)

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    1. Thankyou! Thats lovely of you to say and its greatly appreciated :)


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