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Friday, 30 October 2015

Vegan Millionaires Shortbread

Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Wheat-free
Easy Vegan Millionaires Shortbread with homemade gold Chocolate Waffle decorations! 

As its coming up to the Festive season, i think about all the attractive & exquisite Decorative Chocolates & Desserts, so i decided to make my own Vegan Millionaires Shortbread with beautiful handmade decorations. 
I have always been a fan of Chocolate, paired with Caramel!!! I used to love the Thornton's Millionaires Shortbread bites when i was younger(unfortunately they are not Vegan), so making my own version took me back to my childhood! 

This Millionaires Shortbread recipe is Gluten & Wheat-free, as it only uses Coconut Flour.
Coconut Flour is high in Fibre & Protein which is essential on a Vegan diet!

 I had trouble getting my hands on some ,but i found it on the Ocado website, so i will link it below for you to check out-


Biscuit Base-
-280grams of Rolled Oats
-1/2  Cup of Coconut Oil 
-140grams of Coconut Flour
-4 Tablespoons of Maple Syrup
-2 Teaspoons of Vanilla Extract

Caramel Center-
1/2 a Cup of Almond butter (Unsalted)
-1/3 Cup of Coconut Oil
-1/2 a Cup of Maple Syrup
-2 Teaspoons of Vanilla Extract
-Pinch of Salt

Chocolate Layer-
-62.50grams of Cacao Powder
-3 1/2 Tablespoons of Maple Syrup
-1/2 Cup of Coconut Oil


Lets bet baking.....

How to make the Biscuit Base-
Step 1- Preheat your Oven to 180 degrees and lightly grease a Tart pan with Coconut Oil (this will prevent the base from sticking to the Pan)

Step 2- In a Food Processor, pour in the oats and whizz up until a smooth Flour Consistancy. This should take a few minutes on High.

Step 3- In a Large mixing bowl, add the Floured Oats, Maple Syrup, Vanilla Extract and Coconut Flour. Mix with a wooden Spoon.

Step 4- Place a small pan on the hob, and melt the Coconut Oil, then pour the Oil into the Dry ingredients and mix until everything is covered. The mixture should form a crumbly dough.

Step 5- Pour the mixture into the prepared Pan. You can either use a Spatular, but i used my hands to get right into the edges of the pan, making sure to press down so its even. With a fork, prick a few holes into the Base, as this allows the base to vent whilst baking.

Step 6- Pop the Pan into the Oven and bake for around 10 minutes (or until Golden Brown)

Step 7- Once your Kitchen smells Devine, remove the Pan from the Oven and allow to cool. 

How to make the Caramel centre!!
Step 1- Add the Coconut Oil, Almond Butter, Salt, Maple syrup and Vanilla Extract into a small Saucepan and place on the hot on medium heat, until fully melted together and combined. It should be nice and runny with no lumps.

Step 2- Leave the Caramel for around 15 minutes to cool before pouring over the Biscuit layer. This gives enough time for the Base layer to cool also.

Once the Base and Caramel are cool, pour the Caramel over the biscuit base, making sure to spread it out evenly. 
Pop tin into the Freezer for 25 minutes to set.

Lastly, how to make the Chocolate Layer-
Step 1- Add the Cacao Powder, Maple Syrup and Coconut Oil into a Small Pan and place onto the Hob on a low heat. Mix consistently with a Wooden Spoon until everything comes together and there are no lumps.

Step 2- Remove the Tin from the Freezer and pour the Chocolate over the Caramel to finish off this spectacular Dessert!!!

Step 3- Return the Tin to the Freezer to fully set. Leave for around 30 minutes.

Once the Millionaires Shortbread is fully set, gently tip the pan upside down until it comes out and place it onto a Chopping board or Plate.

Cut into Little Squares or Rectangles. It helps to heat the Knife before cutting through the Shortbread layers! The Base is quite dense so it will be tough to cut through after sitting in the Freezer, so be patient! :)


I added some cute decorations to my Shortbread, to give it a festive feel!
I made some Chocolate Decorations using Dairy-free White & Dark Chocolate. 

How to make a Black & White Napoleon Design-
Step 1- Create a Banmarie and melt the Chocolate (or melt the Chocolate in a microwave)

Step 2- On Grease proof Paper, Spread a fine layer of the Dark or Milk Chocolate using a Spatula or Spoon.

Step 3- Carefully drizzle lines of the White Chocolate over the Dark base.

Step 4- Using a Tooth Pick or Skewer  drag it perpendicularly alternating the direction to create this classical, effective Napoleon design.

Pop into the Freezer to set!
How to make Chocolate Waffles.

Step 1- Create a Ban-marie and melt the Chocolate (or melt the Chocolate in a microwave)

Step 2- Once the Chocolate is gooey & irrisisitable, using a small Teaspoon, scoop up some of the Chocolate and using fast motions, zigzag it across Grease Proof paper, making sure to criss-cross over. Do this until you have a somewhat thick waffle decoration.
Step 3- Wait until the Dark Chocolate has set, then do the same over with the White Chocolate.

Pop into the Freezer to set.

Step 4- Once set, i sprayed the Chocolate Waffels with Dr Oetker Gold Shimmer Spray for a sparkly touch! This works amazing on Cakes, icing, White & Milk Chocolate...
I also added pieces of Edible Gold Leaf & some Fresh Flowers(not to eat of course), for decoration. I loved how it turned out!

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If you like, give it a try yourself, and let me know how you get on, 
I hope you liked this recipe!
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Holly Jade



  1. This looks so good - i need to give this a try during my free time

    1. Thankyou so much! When you make it, remember to tag me in a photo on Instagram or Twitter, i would love to see your take :) x


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