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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Order vegan at Costa Coffee

I love Coffee! Latte to Iced Coffee, i could drink them all the time :P But now i have turned vegan, my diet had to change! All of my milky, creamy...well lets face it, delightful drinks have had to go:( *bye bye* But i have found, there are a lot of places that have taken dietary needs into consideration and they taste just as good.
For example-
Costa Coffee
Costa Coffee is a British Multinational Coffeehouse & Company. Costa is big here in the UK and is the 2nd largest Coffeehouse chain in the world.
I have used Costa for many years, and every single drink i have ever had from there has been on point. 
Costa, like Starbucks, has a great variety of different drinks, Iced to Hot! But what i didn't know, is that most of their drinks can be made Vegan and Sugar-free.
Costa use Soya milk in replace of Diary milk, but what i always find is that the Soya milk is very frothy and resembles cream on top...which is delicious to scoop off..i think that may just be a me thing :P
 Another Great thing is that you can order your drink Sugar-free by request, using some Sugar-free syrups...
-Sugar-free Gingerbread
-Sugar-free Caramel
-Sugar-free Hazelnut
(Im not sure if they do more, but when i find out i will add them in here)
They taste just as good! 

At Costa, i would normally order a Medio Sugar-free Gingerbread Soya is delightful! It definitely reminds me of christmas, which is always good! 

How to order Vegan-
  • Remember when ordering, ask for Soya milk! All Costa's should stock it but its worth asking before hand if they have it in, and remember they can change milk to Soya without an additional cost. *thumbs up*
  • Make sure you ask to leave out any added ingredients like Whipped cream,Biscuits,, Chocolate drizzle's as they contain milk.
  • Not all drinks at Costa, but some CAN be made Vegan, So its always best to ask before its too late :)

Vegan food at Costa
I am very disappointed with Costa's lack of vegan food..unlike Starbucks! The only food i got offered when i went in to my local Costa was a small bag of dried Mango. The man who served me in Costa actually didn't know if they sold Vegan food or not!
Sorry for the lack of information on Costa's food point, but Costa Coffee tweeted me saying  that they are currently working on some Vegan food products at the moment! So.. keep an eye out guys :) 

I hope this helps anyone struggling with choices of Vegan drinks on the go.
Please comment if you have any questions , ill be happy to answer and hopefully advise you :)

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Holly Jade


  1. So if you get the normal syrup for gingerbread latte does it make it vegan? Thanks x

    1. Hi, you will have to order it with Soya Milk, no cream..but yes the normal Gingerbread Syrup should be fine. What i always do, is check with the staff at costa before they make your drink :) they will be very helpful :)

  2. So if you get the normal syrup for gingerbread latte does it make it vegan? Thanks x

  3. So if you get the normal syrup for gingerbread latte does it make it vegan? Thanks x

  4. Hi, I ordered a soy latte from costa the other week and I'm scared it might have been normal dairy milk as I'm someone who's easily worried. Are their soy lattes typically thin and watery in texture? It was my first time ordering vegan at costa.

    1. Hi, if you ordered Soy at Costa it SHOULD be soy! You always have the right to ask when they pass you your drink that it has deffo been made without Dairy Milk! I have noticed Soy coffee is a little waterier than dairy Milk :) don't worry, next time you pop into costa, just make sure they know to make it with soy and watch how they make your drink! hope you have a better experience next time :)

    2. Ah it was pretty watery so it must have been soy! Thanks for the clarification/reassurance but yup, next time I'll ask just to make sure!

  5. I've always found Pret to be the best coffee chain for food. But if you like your Costa drinks this may help

  6. They have the Vegan Plum Flapjacks now!:-)

    1. really?! YAY, i'll have to to my local costa then soon! :) thank you x

  7. wow, I didn't know that, thx xxx

  8. Looks to be a good post. Thanks for sharing some useful information on great coffees and delicious food that makes up your day.
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  9. They now have a vegan wrap! And it’s fab! FINALLY <3


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