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Friday, 12 February 2016

Tisserand Aromatherapy

Tisserand is a Aromatherapy company who specialise in Health, wellbeing & Beauty products containing Essential Oils. 
They have a wide range of Products on their website, from Hair Oils, Bath & Shower products, Deodorants, Natural Fragrances...

Tisserand state-

''We do not use Synthetic Fragrances, SLS/SLES (Which is a Chemical that is used in a lot of Beauty Products), Parabens, Animal Ingredients or no other Ingredients we consider Unsound. 
Where ever possible, we use Organic Products''

Their Products are Vegan and have been approved by the Vegan Society.

 Plus they do not Test on Animals! yay

I am so excited to have got my hands on 2 Tisserand Oils.I was kindly sent the the Coconut & Argan Beauty Oils. These Oils can be used as a Skin & Hair treatment.Both of these Oils are Fragrance Free.

Let me start off with the Argan Oil.
I am a huge fan of Argan Oil and use it often in my Hair care routine.
This Oil is a 100% Natural Treatment and it contains Vitamin E & A, which are great for Skin and Hair! 
Vitamin E is an Antioxidant and conditions the Skin while Vitamin A is excellent as it can slow down the normal ageing of the Skin, it can reduce wrinkles & increases the Blood flow.
 This Oil has nourishing, repairing & protective properties which makes it a great after-shower leave in treatment. It smooths the texture of the Hair and leave skin soft & supple.

HOW TO USE: Apply 3-4 drops to fingertips and massage gently into the face and neck (Ideal for dry or mature Skin), or warm 3-4 drops in your hands and work slowly through damp hair. 

Retail Price- £16.00
The Coconut Oil acts in the same way as the Argan Oil as it also contains nourishing ingredients & Antioxident.The Coconut Oil is extracted from the flesh of the African coconut (fancy). It is great for Dry, normal or Combination Skin and leaves the Skin feeling Soft, silky and plump.
You can also use it as a leave in treatment on your Hair, for extra Shine.HOW TO USE:  Apply 3-4 drops to fingertips and massage gently into your face and neck areas, or warm 3-4 drops of oil in your hands and work slowly through damp hair. 

Retail Price- £8.95
Find the whole range of Tisserand products on their Website, linked below-

Thankyou so much to the kind people over at Tisserand for very generously sending me these delightful Beauty Oils to try & enjoy!
Such a Great company and i will continue to love their products!

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